Stone Age Economics. Search. This acclaimed book by Marshall Sahlins is available at in several formats for your eReader. Routledge Publication date: April 2017. The anthropological disposition to exaggerate the economic inefficiency of hunters appears notably by way of invidious comparison with neolithic economies. "Stone Age Economics: The Origins of Agriculture and the Emergence of Non-Food Specialists," Discussion Papers 03-34, University of Copenhagen.Department of Economics. . Handle: RePEc:kud:kuiedp:0334 By Marshall Sahlins. Hunters, as Lowie (1) put it blankly, "must work much harder in order to live than tillers and breeders" (p. 13). Stone Age Economics is a classic study of anthropological economics, first published in 1974. … Buy the Stone Age Economics ebook. ISBN: 9781351732680 Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM) Buy ePub. Stoneage Page 1 1.0 Executive Summary Stone Age is a brand identified by its progressive, cutting edge borderline funk that has been inspired by the growing need for an urban youth trend movement. Jacob L. Weisdorf, 2003. The marketing mix includes the unique, trendy and attractive products which are produces to meet specific design philosophy, the pricing strategy, promotions. Business & Economics : Economic History | Social Science : Anthropology - General. Stone Age Economics – Marshall Sahlins Aldine Transaction | 1974 | EPUB, PDF.