Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Concluding, I’d strongly advise pretty much every one of you to at least consider integrating more Flusterstorms in your sideboard. Flusterstorm however, doesn't really work, because they're not in the habit of chaining a lot of spells in any single turn. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. 2: Physical communication counts. If you're a combo deck, it's probably fine. To be frank, in a metagame that is dominated by Delver, Miracles and Combo, it appears to be delusional at best to skip on, Let’s now look at two scenarios that occur with, The first one is when both you and your opponent have, If both you and your opponent do not have untapped lands left, things appear to be quite easy. And I regret that I didn’t get to three. Now what can we learn from this anecdotal piece of evidence. okay, I really don't understand these spells. Occasionally, Flusterstorm would counter something that Spell Pierce could not, but it was rarer than you might think. Flusterstorm is more marginal, to help you win counter wars. Well, I made it to the Top 8 dispatching Delver and Combo left and right only to get destroyed by Esper Stoneblade, a deck that I did not anticipate in the slightest when constructing my 75. Then two. Some decks try to capitalize on that by pressuring this axis of gameplay while also backing this strategy up with cheap counters. I've tried to use dispel magic to remove bad effects like confusion and charm on my team and nothing happens. It reads counter every spell in the miracle deck other than creatures unless they pay 2, Turns out this is also the case vs every other magic deck ever, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The one plus that Spell Pierce necessarily has is that it can hit cards that Flusterstorm cannot. How important that is depends on your deck. All of us expected a lot of Delver and Combo. These are arguably the best and most successful decks in Legacy. See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. If you are trying to protect your Entreat the Angels with a Flusterstorm, then your card loses a lot of its power unless you are also facing a Flusterstorm. To be frank, in a metagame that is dominated by Delver, Miracles and Combo, it appears to be delusional at best to skip on Flusterstorm altogether. Spell peirce is really good. Cards like Divert and Force Spike are legal cards in Legacy but are hardly ever played. Due to this innate mana cost of greater than zero, namely U, Flusterstorm is necessarily put in a different league of spells, a league in which it gets its chance to shine. At first it may appear just as if it was just a clearly inferior Force Spike. Stay and observe to make sure that the Blast still does counter Time Walk. It is also an efficient answer to all kinds of decks in high-powered, efficient formats, like Legacy and Vintage, where it is particularly good against combo decks. Things to keep in mind here is that the player who’ll cast the 2nd Flusterstorm will have at least one more copy. These cards typically signal the end of the game, and an unfortunate at that, for you. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Player 2 has two Tundras in play and a Flusterstorm in hand. Or something. Thomas Enevoldsen continues to delve into detail about this Legacy deck! It does several things, all of which are positive. It's exceptionally good in counterspell wars however, because it works through Counterbalance. Not as diverse as the very good Spell Pierce, but far better at stopping instant and sorcery spells. Well, I decided to maindeck 4 Rest in Peace and 4 Flusterstorm in my Miracles. Well, not quite, but it’s very close. 1 Flusterstorm 2 Spell Pierce 3 Cunning Wish 1 Intuition 4 Force of Will 4 Ponder 3 Preordain 4 Show and Tell Sideboard: 1 Grafdigger's Cage 1 Defense Grid 2 Blood Moon 1 Surgical Extraction 2 Pyroblast 1 Flusterstorm 2 Echoing Truth 1 Sudden Shock 1 Eladamri's Call 1 Kozilek's Return 1 Through the Breach 1 Firemind's Foresight I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed or used the lack of understanding of. It either stops their game winning cards or is a great counteracting tool to their primary game plan. Back to Basics: 5 Basic Tips to Improve at Magic. Advocates of, When choosing which card to pick and whether the counterspells in question should be in the maindeck or rather sideboard is a question that cannot be answered without any deck context. But it’s more than just an anti-Storm card. There may be slight difference between the reference price and the actual amount charged by Paypal. I do, however, not advocate such a drastic approach in the current metagame, which gets back to what I’ve been talking about when highlighting the worse power level but higher applicability of, The story is a different one when we’re looking at the sideboard. But even candidates that may not be prime examples should be playing more Flusterstorms. All that can should. Arguably, this is outrageously obvious but it’s important to keep in mind in Legacy as the most prominent counterspells are Force of Will and Daze, which are free in most cases. And it isn’t because the card is more effective at what it does (it’s not) – it’s because of its flexibility of use. Another key difference between Spell Pierce and Flusterstorm is that both are great in the early game, but Flusterstorm hardly loses its power in the late stages of the game. *All payment will be calculated in USD. Being stranded with dead cards in the first game of a match is generally not something you would ever want to happen. But in fact, Flusterstorm is one of the best counterspells in this format as of now. but I don't understand what spells these spells dispel. It’s also excellent at fighting off Stifle in the early stages of the game while also providing a powerful card against Show and Tell that largely disables the opponent from interacting, unless they also have access to Flusterstorm.