LIFE SPAN: 7.1 years. Flammulated owl – (BIRD-raptor) See facts . They … Common Name: Flammulated owl. Tuesday January 5th, 2016. Name of animal-plant: Flammulated owl. Knowing the Flammulated Owl. Eurasian eagle-owl. The head has very small ear tufts, and dark eyes surrounded by rust-brown, pale-gray facial disk, and white eyebrows that start at the bill. Animals. It is the only small owl with dark, not yellow, eyes. With the size of a juice can, this owl is r ecognized as one of the smallest of its kind in the world. Barred owl. The Flammulated Owls (Otus flammeolus) are amongst the smallest owls in the world. Species name: Otus flammeolus. Flammulated Owl. Flammulated Owl: Small owl with two color morphs (gray-brown and rufous) with many intermediate forms. Seeing the bird is another matter; its variegated pattern of brown and rust makes perfect camouflage when it perches close to a pine trunk. The Flammulated Owl is a very small and secretive nocturnal owl, plump in stature but comparative in size to an American Robin. Family: Strigidae. Owls include some 200 species of birds who make their living hunting small mammals such as mice and voles, insects, and sometimes other birds and fish. MORE IN OWL CATEGORY. This species' common and Latin names were derived from the reddish "flaming" streaks of feathers along the shoulders and onto the back. Boreal owl. Elf owl. Burrowing owl. Bird Facts Flammulated Owl. Eurasian scops-owl. A few days later I checked in with Lori regarding the owl. Previous Next. She told me that it had not made it through the night. Scientifically known as Psiloscops flammeolus, the bird got its name flammulated because of the flame-like markings on its face. Animal type: BIRD. She also stated that she had received two other Flammulated Owls and they both passed within 48 hours. They are quite common, but once thought of as rare due to limited study. Category: Owl. Eurasian pygmy-owl. Great horned owl. Range and Habitat . Black-and-white Owl. The soft, low-pitched hoots of this little owl can be heard (if one listens carefully) in mountain pine forests over much of the west. These typically solitary, nocturnal birds of prey have a long association with the supernatural, from Merlin to Harry Potter. FLAMMULATED OWL. These predatory owls are found in the Americas, where they are also known as Dwarf Owls, Flammulated Scops Owls or (previously) Flammulated Screech Owls.. Scientific Name: Psiloscops flammeolus. Eastern screech-owl. Great gray owl . She had also received four other calls regarding Flammulated Owls being found dead. Little owl. Other articles where Flammulated owl is discussed: screech owl: …of North America; and the flammulated owl (O. flammeolus) of western North America. barn-owl. Regardless, they are still not a commonly seen species and will be most often and reliably identified by voice.