Note: many phrasal verbs have multiple definitions. You will also learn some common phrasal verbs, like act up using the song with idioms and phrasal verbs. Hi guys and welcome back to Singalongwithit! Let's start looking at some lyrics from the song with phrasal verbs. The songs are catchy . After that, teacher hands in the worksheet with the matching exercise. Phew. That was a long sentence. and they’re also a great way to learn some very useful English phrasal verbs! Provide students with incomplete lyrics of the song and ask them to go through them silently on their own. You will understand the meanings of common expressions , such as fall in love , hit the road , let it be or take a bow with the songs with idioms . Students listen to the song and the teacher asks them to find 5 phrasal verbs. Explain that each blank should be filled in while listening. You can also show students the music video clip. Listen to songs and choose the right phrasal verb (multiple choice) then try to predict one according to semantics of a song lyrics. It is a simple, but fun activity. I remember when we broke up the first time = broke up = break up To 'break up with someone' means to end a … . Ask students for … ESL video lesson with an interactive quiz: Basic listening comprehension. Today I needed some lyrics to revise present simple, phrasal verbs and verbs followed by gerund (or -ing form)and this song was extremely useful for my classroom. To help you learn phrasal verbs, I've put together a rather large playlist of songs that use phrasal verbs. The definitions given here are the definitions for how these phrasal verbs are used in the song. .