Wash and dry the soda bottles. Just be careful not to drown your plants — or just get one of these plants … Turn them upside down. Remove any residue left behind by washing the area with a scrub brush. According to a study at the University of Colorado Boulder, plants given club soda grew taller and greener than those given regular water. You only need a 2 liter soda pop plastic bottle… The soda bottle irrigator is then planted in the garden or in a pot with its neck and lid opening above the soil level, next to a newly installed plant. Club soda contains phosphate and other nutrients that makes plants happy. That gave me the idea of using soda bottles to grow other vegetables right-side-up that like to climb supports. For very large plants, you can use a 2-liter bottle, but for most plants in small-to-medium pots, a 20-oz. A small soda-size bottle works well for houseplants, while a larger, 2-liter bottle works better for shrubs and larger plants. Remove the label with scissors or a sharp knife. Some people find it is easiest to use a funnel to fill plastic bottle … Here's a simple and inexpensive solution to getting water to your plant's roots via slow drip irrigation. These conditions prevent water from getting to where it is most needed - the garden plant's roots. Use two-liter soda bottles cut them in half and use the neck side. Place the cap on the bottle. Adhere the bottles to a wooden frame and arrange them in such a way so that the open neck of the bottle will drain out the water into the bottle below it. Mark a line around the bottle 2 inches from the bottom. Green Soda Bottle … 6. Soda Bottle Garden: I saw how others were growing tomatoes upside-down in soda bottles. … Follow this tutorial to find out more about this garden project. Thoroughly water the soil around the plant, then fill the plastic bottle irrigator with water.