Is SO3 + H2O -> H2SO4 a redox reaction? What a great software product!) Sulfonylation [SO3/H2SO4] Sulfonylation [SO 3 /H 2 SO 4] Definition:. Stoichiometry. Treatment of an aromatic molecule such as benzene with sulfur trioxide and strong acid leads to the formation of sulfonic acid in the reaction of electrophilic aromatic substitution. SO3 (g) + 1 H2O (ℓ) → H2SO4 (aq) Back to reactions list . Specifically, my question is about the rxn H2O + SO2 --> H2SO3 and whether or not it fits within the bronsted definition of a acid and bases. Consider the following reaction between sulfur trioxide and water: SO3(g)+H2O(l)→H2SO4(aq) A chemist allows 61.5 g of SO3 and 11.2 g of H2O to react. SO3 + H2O → H2SO4 If you do not know what products are enter reagents only and click 'Balance'. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions: Oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions are a class of chemical reaction which is more than just a rearrangement of atoms. This is the second oxidation step in the oxidation of sulphur in the contact process for sulphuric acid production. Upon hitting submit, the stoichiometric equivalents will be calculated for the remaining reactants and products. Step 2 2SO2 + O2 → 2SO3. The Calitha - GOLD engine (c#) (Made it … Determine the percent yield for the reaction. Enter a mass or volume in one of the boxes below. ); The Gold Parsing System (Hats off! but PhC2H5 + O2 = PhOH + CO2 + H2O will; Compound states [like (s) (aq) or (g)] are not required. Adding water to sulphuric acid doesn’t produce SO3 - I don’t know where you for that idea from. Concentrated sulfuric acid does not sulfonate benzene at room temperature. SO3 + H2O=H2SO4 How do I balance this equation? First of all, thank you so much for the quickly reply! In many cases a complete equation will be suggested. Chemistry. SO3 (g) + H2O (l) → H2SO4 (aq) Sulfuric acid will be produced. SO3 is sulphur trioxide. I am, however, a bit confused by the SO3 stuff because my question is about SO2 and H2O. Above is the balanced chemical equation for the reaction . Double replacement - two compounds (usually in aqueous solution) react to form two compounds (where at least one is insoluble in water) Combustion of a hydrocarbon - a hydrocarbon (CxHy) burns in oxygen to produce CO2 and H2O All gases are assumed to be at STP. This program was created with a lot of help from: The book "Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide" (IMHO, one of the best computer science books ever written. Step 1: S + O2 → SO2. H2O, as the difference in electronegativity between hydrogen and oxygen is the largest (among the options given: SO3 , SO3-- , NH4+, H2O) 1 Answer When the reaction is finished, the chemist collects 51.0 g of H2SO4. Sulfonylation [SO 3 /H 2 SO 4] Explained:. The SO3 gas combines with water to form H2SO4. Reaction stoichiometry could be computed for a balanced equation.