SMOKY QUARTZ MEANING This unique-looking crystal is a translucent variety of quartz that ranges in clarity from nearly perfect transparency to an almost-opaque brownish-gray or black crystal; the colors of the Earth. It is also used in shamanistic and other types of religious ceremonies as a means of carrying energies between different forms of life and experience. You will need to find a reputable dealer to find natural. Smoky Quartz Properties and Meaning. In the early times, Smoky Quartz was used by the Romans and Sumerians to carve seals. The stones are greatly protective and are the amazing stone for all of the people to keep in their aura all the time. Smoky Quartz Meaning Smoky Quartz is known in many cultures as being linked to the afterlife, giving mortal individuals a connection to their ancestors and those who have recently passed on. The smoky quartz is amongst some of the best anchoring and grounding stone. It is both an earth star chakra stone, and a base or root chakra stone. It is known as the anchor stone for its ability to ground individuals. Natural Smokey quartz is a powerful stone to use for physical healing. Its strong energy moves down from the base chakra through the earth star chakra and will ground you to Mother Gaia. Smoky quartz dispels negative energy and transfers it … Some Smoky Quartz is irradiated. It has been used to decorate Highland attire, as well as weapons, and jewelry. Smoky quartz was also called Morion, which comes from a Latin misreading of word for dark precious stone. Smoky Quartz comes in many shades and colors such as dark grey, brown to black. Read more about Smoky Quartz Crystal healing properties below. Smoky quartz –a stone that is essential if you want grounding and protection.