For example- library, army, government, etc. Introduction (3 minutes) Activate student knowledge reviewing the concept of a noun. Practice for free today on Turtle Diary! While these are technically singular nouns, they are commonly used as if they were plurals, specially in British English. Collective noun - The name of group or number of persons or things taken as a whole are called collective noun. Find Collective Nouns in the Paragraph teaches collective nouns to 1st graders in a fun, interactive environment! Students compose a creative writing piece based on a painting of a mythological scene. This includes groups of people, animals and inanimate objects. Some more collective nouns A wolf A whale A bee A puppy A pack of wolves A pod of whales A swarm of bees A litter of pups What could you call these things? Give some examples of your own: people, places, things, common, proper, singular, plural, etc. 2. Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. They have developed throughout the history of the English language, with new collective nouns still being created, although time will tell if these latest additions will survive (think “a hood of bro’s”, “a array of geeks”). Writing Mythological Narratives For Teachers 3rd - 8th. Collective nouns are used to describe a group or collection of individuals. Make collective nouns a simple concept and ease your confusion with these collective noun examples. Examples of sentences- 1. Ask them what types of nouns they know. Students create and complete a... Get Free Access See Review. The class was full of infrastructure. Remind them to write down collective nouns they already know, and then use the dictionary to discover new ones. Collective nouns, or group nouns, are nouns such as family, government, class or committee, which refer to groups of people or things. Students will be able to identify and use collective nouns in complete sentences. Unsure of what collective nouns are? Lesson Planet. Collective nouns in English and how to use them Collective nouns - singular or plural ? They create a poem or story using common and proper nouns.