Buy everything you need for your Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Gerbils, Degus, Chinchillas, Mice and Rats! Hair Buster Comb £22.99. Hay is categorized by its uses, amount of stem and leaf, and levels of protein, fiber, and fat. We have stores in each of these regions... choose the one closest to you! For an extra little treat, browse the selection of special offers and new products we have to offer you and your small pet! Cage accessories are also a great option for small pets, including hamster beds, exercise wheels, tunnels and nesting materials. © 2020 Small Pet Select UK. Simply Pet Supplies LTD is Registered in England and wales. The best, the freshest, the yummiest. Small pet forage, snacks and supplements are rife here for fantastic prices. Variety is also key in our selection of products, because we know, just like you do, that every small pet is different and will have its own unique needs! Understanding each type is super beneficial for your pet… From rabbit supplies to ferret supplies, Feedem has everything you’ll need to keep your small animals feeling … This can also include handy accessories such as hamster beds, designed to improve your small pet's comfort. To each his own. Company number:11699975. Choose from an extensive range of small pet accessories here at zooplus UK to keep your pet entertained and to make your small pet cage more engaging. With everything from the widest range of pet food brands online to luxury dog beds and pet … Find all the small pet supplies you could need in our small pet healthcare department. Whether it's a rabbit litter tray you're after or some guinea pig grooming supplies, we've got a whole variety of options for you to choose from. And not forgetting grooming - here at zooplus you can find everything you need to keep your small pet in perfect condition! Mixed Bedding Pack - an affordable bedding tip from £34.67. Registered office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU. Hair Buster Comb. There is something for every kind of small pet, including rabbit food, guinea pig food, degu food, chinchilla food, rat food, hamster food, mouse food and gerbil food, and ferret food. Powered by Shopify. Browse the full selection of small pet products available here at zooplus, to ensure you can provide your small pet with everything it needs: With this collection of small pet food and small pet accessories, you can ensure your small pet is happy and nourished. Featuring hideouts, tunnels and tubes, your pet will love our range. Mixed Bedding Pack - an affordable bedding tip. Food, toys, cages, hutches, runs and other accessories can all be found in our online shop, with a great range of variety to satisfy everyone's tastes. zooplus UK also offers a great range of small pet runs, including metal, wooden and nylon run options. Information from experts, heartwarming stories, and more cuteness than you can stand. Create a cosy cove for your little bundle of fur with our small animal bedding and keep them snug and warm too. Login or Create an Account to earn points. Small pet cages and hutches are also available, with indoor and outdoor options as well as aviaries and bird cages. We guarantee lowest prices on all pet supplies and our shop features more pet products than any other online pet stores. Add to Cart. Free delivery from £35 (T&C’s apply)**. Whether you are new to the world of small pets or a seasoned professional, here at zooplus we have everything you need to meet your small pet needs. Take a look at our top sellers! Ancol Small Animal Tuff Tube (Extends 18-75 Centimeter) Colour May Vary £ 5.79 Add to basket; CSWO Hamster Cage Foundation Cage Hamster Hedgehog Flower Branch Small Pet Super Naked Cage … By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. zooplus uses Cookies to ensure the proper functioning of our website, to personalise content and advertising and to analyse our data traffic. Transporting small pets can also be an issue, so here at zooplus UK we offer plenty of transport cage and crate options, for every size of pet. Oops! We also inform our advertising and analysis partners about your use of our website. Complete your small pet's home with our great selection of straw, hay and other bedding, all of which can be ideally combined with hamster beds and cage dens for optimum comfort. There is an extensive range of rabbit and guinea pig hutches here in the zooplus UK shop, so that you can be sure your small pet is living in comfort and style. One thing you can be sure of with the zooplus Small Pet Shop is that everything will be of the highest possible quality. Small Pet From delicious food for fussy bunnies, to hay, forage and tasty treats for your other small furries; we’ve got all the big names from Burgess and Supreme to Mayfield, Mr Johnsons and Oxbow.