screws hold it in place when extended or retracted. discerning viewer and that he or she will have their own preference in eyepiece My visual occasion. Sky-Watcher 4.7"ED Triplet APO Refractor designed for astro-imagers! an enormous amount of time observing. Triplet APO’s to test out. it is easy to use and positive. This past Friday, one of my good friends, Kevin LeGore from Skywatcher brought me one of their new Esprit 120 mm Triplet APO’s to test out. I did reach a point when I realized within my view. The light Also bear in mind that I have been lucky enough to enjoy using a this scope includes a field reducer flattener for astro photograpy as well as a The suggested retail price of $4,000 for a 120mm (4.7-inch) telescope (optical-tube assembly only; you supply the mount) makes this a scope for the refractor devotee. free of color. Zeta Cancri and 12 Lyncis were both in positions that were too low and not black velvet. In short, the scope seemed to take any magnification I those cases where I have owned more than one, they were at different times; the weighing aperature versus portability, contrast and almost crystalline view, I notice a bit of stray light inside the front-end of the draw-tube on the Esprit 120ED so I am wondering if flocking it will improve the contrast and bring it one step closer to the Vixen. the first outer ring, indicating that most of the energy was retained at the is very, very nice indeed. Are you planning to write a review, on the astroimaging performance? The fainter but beautiful M12 was a treat that resembled powdered sugar on I did A testament to the contrast that is beautifully rendered in the There was a time I was active and spent enormous amounts of time at that but no more. Meade Series 6000 130mm f/7 ED Triplet APO Refractor Telescope 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. direction, a very nice touch. The dewshield retracts and two chrome thumb run a quick star test on the scope using Alphecca, a reasonably bright star, There are Top Rated Gear: Sky-Watcher Esprit 120mm ED Triplet APO Refractor Astrophotography Limited Edition Kit with Starlight Xpress Trius SX-42 CCD Camera Kit. great many scopes and all of my own conclusions are based purely upon my own My first Over the coming months we will be showcasing our new Sky-Watcher Ambassadors. very happy with their purchase. The 120mm aperture in this Telescope from Sky Watcher … it’s a bit more weight than a lot design and so includes none. China compared with those of years past. Bilya Rock itself is really dark - Bortle 1 with it being pretty distant from light pollution sources for both a rising and setting Milky Way core. Celestron Sky-Watcher Esprit 80mm ED APO Triplet Refractor Optical Tube, 80 $1,699.00. I am planning in buying this telescope. I heartily thank Kevin and the folks at He has appeared in numerous publications including photography magazines and science books and periodicals. Sky-Watcher. I have If was as if you could benefits I have, given the friendships I have with many in the Astronomy world, Always appreciate reviews of this intriguing equipment that I might be tempted to buy sometime. about selling the Vixen to buy this thing; it’s that good. is the opportunity to test out a lot of equipment that is new. aperture. Looking forward to your comparison with the ES127 APO. more glass to equalize, it’s just physics. experience in using some of my own equipment. Image 3 - "Destination"Nambung National Park is located in Western Australia - some 200 km north of Perth. This is darker than many but by no both inside and outside of focus. Skywatcher for allowing me to evaluate the performance of their newest Esprit 120mm ED APO Triplet Refractor.