1. The fittings are Sterling silver & the haft is rock maple. As far as I am able to tell, the Shepherd’s Axe may have started life back in the 9 th century as a Hungarian fighting axe. There s nothing really new about the Shepherd s Axe. They were skillfully stamped/adorned according to ancient tradition. Today's shepherd's axes are mostly decorative, some having golden or silver head-pieces (mostly brass, iron, chromed iron, wood or aluminum - it is rare that any axe head would be made of solid gold or silver). For axe heads with only a single edge, the side that's not sharpened is known as the butt. I want one! It's a good idea to know these terms and what they mean because each component of an axe head - the blade/bit, toe, heel, and butt - can have a different shape, size, and sharpness depending on the task at hand. Top 25 Types of Axes & Axe Heads. What distinguishes this axe from any other axe is its long helve or handle. Similar to a felling axe, the double bit axe has two blades on its head. Look above to see photos and explanations of options. The shafts were usually engraved as their owners had plenty of time for crafting. Some of you may have seen this posted on my FB page, but for those who haven't, here's a shepherd's axe... called by many names from Eastern Europe. Interestingly, they came from Wallachia, the homeland of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula). We are accepting custom orders for our fokos (hand-forged tomahawk-head) walking sticks. Table of Contents. A shepherd's axe is a light axe with a long and straight wooden shaft, often with a metal butt. It's 42" tall. those made up to the 1960s by highlanders). One side is traditionally sharper for felling trees, while the other end of the blade is dull and intended for limb removal. The steel is 15N20 / 1074 and the core of the axe is solid 1084. The double bit is nice because it essentially transforms two axes into one multi-purpose tool, but it’s not as effective as a regular felling axe. A small metal head-piece is sharp on one side while the other side is flat and can be used as a hammer. What Axes Are Used For. The length of the shaft is usually slightly more than 1 metre. In some writings it is described as being a walking staff, in others a walking stick. Many are considered works of art (esp. Share this post. You pick the blade style, hammer or spike style, wood, sheath style and options, etc from the drop-down menus to order a custom fokos built just for you! A Shepherd s Axe is a tool/weapon that originated in the Carpathian Mountains and spread throughout Eastern Europe.