Later, during the second stage of labor, the ewe will push, first expelling amniotic fluid and later, hopefully, the front feet of the first of several lambs. Apr 5, 2013 #7 . I've had problems every time I let my ewes get fat. Fly worry will occur on land, and other causes may occur at all stages of the export process. The name "Ewecus" is a portmanteau of the words "Ewe" (a female sheep) and "Mucus". Lots of Katahdin Sheep. You'll want to make sure that the ewe claims each of her lambs and allows them to nurse. In sheep and goats, common causes of discharge in multiple animals include nasal bots, dusty feed, ammonia vapour, fly worry, and upper respiratory tract infections due to viruses or bacteria. 735 Posts . Settle in with a cup of tea, and learn about wool crafts, homesteading and raising sheep. One-on-One Private Consultation . with Sweden’s curly sheep and two busy border collies named Kai and Tuf. There's a difference between healthy and fat in sheep just as in humans. Make sure each lamb gets colostrum, the first milk produced after lambing. If you happen to notice the ewe pass her mucous plug or drip gobs of mucous, you will know that the first stage of labor has begun. Discussion Starter • #6 • Mar 22, 2009. normally its just enough to make you nervous but not enough to cause a problem. In unusual cases, it may be necessary to wipe the mucous from the lamb's nostrils to permit breathing. Bret4207, Mar 23 , 2013. Janene Moderator. they may show a little of it for a day or more, that could possibly be what you are seeing. If the player manages to herd an Ewecus in a pen consisting of second tier Walls, the player can keep it as a pet without danger, since the Walls intercept its projectile attacks. Dolly (RIP) Member since: Aug 30, 2004 14:36:46 GMT -5 Age: Posts: 12,712 After Losing Mucus Plug, How Long? Share my life at Vermont Grand View Farm. A vigorous lamb will get up and nurse within a half hour to an hour after birth. Come stay in our Farmhouse Suite, and experience life on a sheep farm. Kim. She may paw the ground or stand away from her usual companions. Want more? The lamb is surrounded by two fluid-filled sacs, the allantois and the chorion. Just a thought for the future. At birth, the normal presentation of a lamb is spine upwards, forefeet with the head between them pointing toward the cervix. i'm not a big sheep expert but both sheep and goats loose whats called a mucus plug a little while before they give birth. Any thoughts about how long after mucus plug comes out that they lamb? Bret4207, Mar 23, 2013. The cervix, itself, is still sealed by a mucous plug. Thank yo Hawkfamily, She is a first freshener lets call her sister "A", her sister "B" had her kid late yesterday the same day I saw the mucus plug on sister A. kind of a thick yellowish white goo.