See More Reviews. Again, this seems plenty for the average listener while people who enjoy blasting their music on the regular may want something with a higher power-handling rating. As a result, it affords subwoofer cones the fastest response time (i.e. Hence, I got ahold of about 15 different shallow-mount subs that came highly recommended by experts online and tried them out with my own car audio set up. Following an excellent build of 10 inches, you will also have the chance to enjoy a straightforward installation. This means that they can push more air is out, resulting in a ‘larger’, louder sound. But the Best 6.5 Car Audio … While the sound is superb and the design makes installation easy, it is the build that stands out the most. The cone is made from a mica injection-molded propylene material, ideal for withstanding hard temperatures but also delivering proper sound transfer. While it’s not the highest sensitivity rating on this list, you can still push it to very loud volumes, considering that you can keep supplying it with up to 400 watts continuously. This pairs up well with the StampCast basket with spider venting, and an aluminum cone with dust cap. Peak Power: 800 watts (each) | RMS Power: 500 watts (each). Go beyond this limit and you may very well cause heat damage to the unit’s circuit. The installation shouldn’t take more than an hour in a normal-sized car. In case you want proper sound delivery with loudness and audio clarity, this is the model to go for. Spending hours installing a subwoofer is not something that this Pioneer model demands. Offering 200 watts of RMS with 400W of total power output, this model still manages to be decently loud and outstandingly deep. It is due to the polypropylene cone that can withstand loud volumes consistently. Whether you want to install this on a large truck so you can enjoy audio to the max or to make your small car vibrate in its entirety, this is the model that you need. But it is not the cone that is the highlight, but the fantastic installation system with Selectable Smart Impedance system, that makes it work at either 2 or 4 Ohms. But due to the 100Hz range, you won’t get too much from the high notes. That’s where our review of the best 10 shallow mount subwoofer … That being said, it doesn’t mean that shallow mount subwoofers sound bad, on contrary, but if you are an in-car stereo fanatic, you might want to switch to regular big subwoofers … The Infinity REF1200S is a dual voice coil unit which essentially means that you get a few more wiring options than with single voice coil units. To make sure that we’re offering quality content, we brought the CVT12, which is an 800-watt subwoofer from the CompVT series. Your email address will not be published. By turning up the volume on your stereo, you send more power to the subwoofer via an amplifier. After a while with each sub, I managed to create a list of my top five picks. If you’ve got a medium-to-low powered amplifier, the Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 might be well suited for your setup. But the real advantage comes from a unique floating-cone attach method. If I had to choose my overall favourite out of these top five shallow mount subwoofers, I’d have to go with the Skar Audio VD-10 D2. However, this is only noticeable if you listen to bass-heavy genres such as EDM and you could easily dial it out with a low-pass filter if your amp has one. The design is super small nonetheless, with a mounting depth of only 3 inches that will help you set it up anywhere effortlessly. Hence if you’re the kind of person that likes blasting your music out loud regularly, then this subwoofer could make you quite happy. Coincidentally this also means that you don’t have to feed it a massive amount of power in order to get really loud. Sure enough, TS-SW2002D2 is an excellent option to think about. When you’re looking for a new accessory for your car audio system, you will probably want the best possible option.