While I can tell you now that I would probably pick it over several other entry level microphones, the E 825 S does not avoid the markings of a budget microphone. They truly understand and appreciate the value of equipment. Any gigging musician would be hard-pressed to find a better value than the Sennheiser e815S. With the e825S microphone's smooth sound, startling clarity and extended high-frequency response, your vocals will take on a new attitude! Sennheiser E825S Evolution E 825-S - microphone reviews and advice on PriceSpider.com. Get tips and information on this item here. The Sennheiser E 825 S is a dynamic microphone designed for live vocal work. For its price and quality, the e815S outweighs its nearest competition by far. The e 825 S is a cardioid general purpose microphone ideal for vocal and instrument miking and club PA.Sennheiser E825S Specifications: Transducer principle (Microphone): Dynamic Pick-up pattern: Cardioid Frequency response (microphone): 80.....15000 Hz Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz): 1,5 mV/Pa Nominal impedance: 350 Ohm Min. The Sennheiser e 825s lets you experience the difference a German-made vocal mic can make. What initially attracted me to the Sennheiser e815S was its price and packaging.