Was pre-owned but I could not tell the difference from a new one. Item was as described, in very good condition (2nd hand) and priced very reasonably. Lovely guitar. powered by . The guitar is OK, just needs a bit of cleaning to get rid of the stink. Cracking device for domestic noodling and playback. Guitar as described, delivered promptly and well packaged- thanks ? The body was "Vintage Black) which is a matt, flat or dull black however, on the back of the neck the dullness had worn down and it had a very dull shine to it which looks absolutely beautiful and aged. Terms & Conditions Apply. Very happy customer here! Both immaculate, sensibly priced and one came with the original box. Was in the condition that was stated in the website. The guitar, though used was in a brilliant condition and plays well. Brilliant value for money... Dream come true to be able to play harmonica and slide them and I use the piezo system almost exclusively with a set of la Bella tapewounds with a high c. Very happy with the guitar plays well and sounds great if already own several bcrich guitar's and the pickups are excellent for heavy rock the sustain is good and sound doesn't turn into unrecognised noise even withough over the top distortion or fuzz Wich I use a lot of, even has a nice clean tone. I?ve been on the lookout for a T5 at an achievable price for some time. Excellent amp. No regrets this pedal is amazing. Professional company, very nice instrument. When buying pre owned gear online you need a concise description to help you. Everything was exactly as described online. The only indicator of it being second hand is some marks to the body and wear on the finish, which is as it was described when I bought the item. Great guitar great price delivered on time and packed very very well. That?s for sure . Have hardly played anything else for the last few weeks. To find one second hand in such fantastic condition was amazing luck - theres hardly a scratch on it and it plays like a dream. Does the job perfectly. A lot of bass for the money. Good guitar in excellent condition at a great price. The amplifier is compact and powerful and was a steel secondhand at 49 quid. Good quality product at reasonable price. Plenty of headroom - can hit it hard and play very loud without distortion. The tone and sustain on the guitar is something else as well. It stated that it was pre owned but I can't tell the difference form a new one. Impressive quality and playability particularly at the price I paid. Nice pedal, good range of tones and sounds. Great service ; guitar as described - demo slight marking. The guitar was in immaculate condition as described. It was for my son but I know he's highly pleased with it. Used Seagull Mini Jumbo CW GT QII Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural Gear returned in mint condition. Great guitar with a lovely nitro finish and hardcase. Good condition, as described. Very pleased. You guys Rock. Great product - does not seem at all second hand! Very nice guitar, excellent condition and just what I was looking for. Great effects at a great price.Easy to follow instruction manual. Don?t need to change anything. Can't get enough of P90s! Great condition. Plenty of volume, lovely warm, focused, clear tone, with great, clear low end. for my first guitar, it seems to be working well for me. I was a little reticent buying a pre owned guitar are online however the description was perfect. Each one is obviously unique. Solid cedar top. This pedal was straight on my pedal board,excellent. As we all know that tone comes from logos and fan boy rage. Great uncramped sound overall. This 11 year old instrument arrived in excellent condition with very few signs of wear and a quality hard case (just a few light scuffs). Learn More. Making the decision to spend more on a guitar for a better spec can be a murky subject for us players - will the gains of sound and playability justify the spend? Guitar was in excellent condition and well set up,actually in tune when opened. Plays superbly well, being slightly smaller & more comfortable than a dreadnought and has a great easy action. As a pre-owned item this arrived in excellent condition as per description on the guitarguitar web page. Excellent guitar which was bought as a present for my wife who is just learning to play. Really good amp, I really like it however I brought it preowned and it had a really bad crackling, other than that it was a great amp. Very happy customer! This my second Gibson bought from Guitar Guitar and I certainly recommend them. Staff even responded to an after sale email where I asked them which type of strings they had put on the guitar as I liked the feel of them. Good price as well. There was however a small chip on one of the horns on the headstock but nothing to worry about. If you want to rock it'll rock plenty. Very happy. All in all, I found (when I went to see one in a shop) the new version of this looked too blingy for my taste which made me hesitate in buying one however, but the bullet and bought this used version and it looks so so amazing. Go listen to one on YouTube! Superb playable Geddy jazz neck. If. Overall, top notch choice, customer service and online experience! The TBX and Midboost controls are phenomenal and allows this instrument to make a plethora of different sounds. very happy , it's a keeper . Good price too. Just what I wanted and at a very reasonable price, Great guitar ,plays like a dream . Plays great. The Tric case is cumbersome and clumsy with unnecessary straps, buckles and handles, I don't care for it particularly and will replace it with a Hiscox or Gator hard case in due course. The guitar looked untouched, it was that good. Carefully packaged. If you want to shred it will shred beautifully and if you want to play clean its sounds great too. The pre-owned guitar was in better condition than I anticipated. Excellent sound. Not airy or boomy. Beyond its curvaceous looks, the MJM6 CW GT QII offers a sound distinguished by a strong midrange response, making it suitable for performing and recording situations that call for a guitar that will cut through the mix. Amazing sounding guitar sounding head and shoulders better than my other classical guitars. Fabulous instrument even though pre owned. The guitar is awesome. The description on the website did make a big omission however, which probably would have affected my decision to buy. Can't leave it down, it's perfect! This was a second hand Mexican L/H Fender Stratocaster that I purchased in March. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier The guitar is fantastic to look at,play and listen to( even in my hands). Very playable once set up. Great sound too. Brilliant guitar. We'll get in touch when the Seagull Maritime Mini Jumbo CW GT QII (Pre-Owned) is available. Place your order and make your first monthly payment today, and your gear will be in your hands in about two days. Arrived exactly as described. withoubt a doubt one of the best electric guitars i've ever played. To be honest I wasn?t expecting much as this used guitar cost only L120. Very happy with it. Quick postage. Feels like a lot more than £120 worth of guitar.Frets a lot smoother than some of my more expensive guitars. Great pedal - just works well like all Boss gear never a problem. Absolutely amazing! guitarguitar uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website - This one was pre-owned, but in a near perfect condition. Can?t ask for better service than that. Really thickens up a telecaster, but got a bit unmanageable with other guitars that were packing hotter humbuckers. I love Ibanez, this is my first S series guitar. Fantastic amp. Cab arrived in excellent condition. it?s not the end of the world because it?s not a commonly played note, however it was not labelled on the description of the guitar. Love this product. On arrival I was not dissapointed, the instrument showed no signs of ever having been played and still had the manufacturers labels and transit protection in place! Now that Ive played it for a few days, I rate it very highly indeed. Lovely well made easy to play guitar, another Taylor gem. Really like the guitar however there is an extensive crack at the neck to body join which was not mentioned in the description. The fret board is silky smooth and the whole set up is excellent.