Engine, overdrive and brake overhaul. Cast-iron manifolds rust and are commonly replaced with tubular stainless steel items, which are more resilient but cause heat build-up that can damage nearby wiring. The car has had a body off chassis refurbishment. If the Scimitar has an Achilles’ heel, it’s the TR front suspension, which is prone to wear in numerous places – some specialists reckon its due to the greater weight and cornering forces employed. The rear suspension mounting points on the axle, you’ll be able to see better by removing each rear wheel. Replacing both is easy (poly bushes are readily available), but in the case of the latter the correct shims should have been used or the camber will be out. £15.99 . Also another shooting brake that I liked. Penned by Tom Karen – whose designs for the Bond Bug three-wheeler and iconic Raleigh Chopper bicycle have become emblematic of 1970s Britain – the Scimitar GTE’s glassfibre bodyshell is, by its nature, immune to rusting, but it can scare buyers off because any damage repairs or paintwork will be costlier to carry out. I love the shooting brake styling and the Jensen Interceptor/Ford Capri lovechild appearance. Managing Director Ray Wiggin, Chief Engineer John Crosthwaite and fibreglass body expert Ken Wood went to Ogle's in Letchworth to view some mock-up body designs for the new SE5. I've always liked the Scimitar GTE, shooting brakes tp be precise. Triumph 2000 vs. Volvo P1800 vs. BMW 5 Series Review, Rolls-Royce Shadow vs. Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, MGB vs. However, it has been fabulously maintained by its owner of 38 years and boasts a new engine and a complete respray. 1980 SE6b débuts with the new Ford 2.8-litre Cologne engine boasting better cooling and a lower final drive ratio; 437 were made. Zodiac V6 powered (3.0 although 2.5 was listed) with choice of transmissions but only one set trim level. RELIANT SCIMITAR GTE CAR LF Sales Brochure 1978 #GTE/E 20L/1077. Subscribe to Classic Motoring Magazine and save over 25%, . The cheapest – although not by a great deal as condition counts the most – are SE6s although Middlebridge cars can command £20,000. Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club of Glamis are selling this 1969 Scimitar GTE by online auction. Back in the late 60s you could have something sporty or cavernous, but not both – until Reliant came along with the V6 sports hatch – which, in turn, gave rise to the hot hatch. Looking for more cars? (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Ford Capri vs. Reliant Scimitar GTE vs. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? Also another shooting brake that I liked. I now own a Scimitar GTC which in my opinion is so much the better car, ( except for the wonderful Daimler V8 ) which still struggle to get decent values, is it the Reliant name I wonder It's a bit like judging a book by the cover. Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club of Glamis are selling this 1969 Scimitar GTE by online auction. Oil pressure can be reduced through engine wear as well as the oil pump drive pencil wearing; replacing this is cheap and easy. UK. 1/4 mile . The final Reliant-built car was made in 1986, and delivered to GTE fan HRH Princess Anne – who else? Prone areas are the corners of the bonnet, the base of the windscreen pillars, the panel below the window on the tailgate. September 1972 saw the uprated 138bhp Ford Capri V6 engine (SE5a). Unperturbed by the atmospherics, one of the earliest arrivals to the event was a gorgeous Reliant Scimitar GTE in British racing green, which we couldn’t help but notice as it parked up within the Paddock. Even kept original, the owners’ club advises a better radiator and header tank, electric cooling fan and on later SE6, reverting to SE5 plumbing. 31.1. 8.9. I've always liked the Scimitar GTE, shooting brakes to be precise. However, cracks, crazing and poorly repaired accident damage are all too common and causing lots of grief and expense to properly make good. Walker adds that’s a car he restored as most Scimitars aren’t in such excellent condition meaning the problem is locating the best cars left. We will use your information to ensure you receive messages that are relevant to you. Pathfinder Models 1/43 Scale PFM5 - 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a 1 Of 600 Blue. Also expect to find wear between the vertical link and bottom trunnion; this is best checked by ensuring the steering isn’t stiff when the car’s nose weight is lifted off the ground. 1987 Specialist Middlebridge buys production rights to the GTE but it wasn’t until 1989 that a relaunched car became available. The body is mostly prepped for painting.There are numerous documents and invoices. 172 @3000rpm . Power-assisted steering now made available, a new 20-gallon fuel tank along with Girling dual-circuit brakes plus a stronger automatic gearbox. Huge choice. Scimitar specialist Graham Walker has always maintained that their prices will soar and “you’ll be kicking yourself for not buying an SE5 when they were so cheap”. June 17, 2013 By Mike Lee Last updated on July 31, 2015. Ensure the fuse box – in the engine bay for SE5s and the passenger footwell for the SE6 – has not melted, test all switchgear in the cabin and see that the heater gets up to temperature. The engines are Ford, so nothing was too difficult. The car has had a body off chassis refurbishment. Non-assisted steering is extremely heavy so seek out cars with power steering. Top Speed (mph) 122. Help is at hand via Graham Walker, QRG and WillSparrow.com, Sporting- Reliant’s.com and reliantownersclub.co.uk. Instead, Estate Car Sunday greeted us all with gale winds, sideways rain and a thick, leaden sky. We do not stock or supply any of these products, we independently review these products. 900: That’s how many – or few – Reliant Scimitar GTEs are around now, but you can still join this exclusive club for less than £1000, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. Continued success came with the arrival of the facelifted SE5A in 1972, which brought improved performance from the 3.0-litre Essex V6 (shared with the Ford Capri), an updated interior and subtly tweaked styling. ■ Body: Glassfibre bodywork means that panel rust isn’t a concern, but damage repair is a specialist job. RELIANT SCIMITAR GTE SE5A - HEATER UNIT ALLOY FACIA WITH SCREWS. I'd have one as a weekend classic. For a long while, the Reliant Scimitar GTE was a maligned oddity to be avoided at all costs, but this distinctive-looking shooting brake has finally come of age and now is the time to buy. Not that it was a slouch; SE5s were GTi quick, less so the lardy SE6s which could see 0-60mph slump from a best of 8.7 seconds to a more sedate 12 second mooch (in the case of the SE6 auto-ed) but all were good for nigh on 120mph pace and a respectable 22-28mpg depending upon how you drive. The Scimitar GTE (Grand Touring Escape) used a Ford 3 litre V6 engine and was the first car to have its back seats fold down separately, a technique that even today is copied by nearly all hatchback cars. 16.9. Early cars featured a Borg Warner Type 35 auto while from the SE6 there was a better Ford-sourced C3 ‘box. Aftermarket support for the Scimitar is surprisingly comprehensive for what is a relatively niche classic car. And as the article suggests, not particularly reliable even when new. The early SE5 model was an instant hit, helping Reliant to increase sales by 20% in the car’s first year after launch and quickly outnumbering the outgoing Scimitar GT coupé by four to one. 1976 Dropped in favour of a new longer, wider, roomier more palatial but less sporting SE6. Trusty units, once hot, expect to see 15-20psi at tickover and 50-75psi at 2500rpm. (Driving an SE5 was so laborious that the steering wheel sometimes cracked under heavy stress.). The first sign of old age is jumping out of second or fourth gears. The GTE entered its second generation in 1975 with the launch of the substantially modernised SE6, which had larger doors, improved soundproofing, a bigger fuel tank and – crucially – optional power steering, which vastly improved the driving experience. £500-£1999: Unfinished project cars and neglected MOT failures. The early ones had chassis problems and the axles used to whine – you could rebuild them and they’d still whine, so that was something you had to live with quite often – but you never had body rust. £19.99 + £8.00 . Less of an issue is corrosion in the outriggers just behind the front wheels, along with the side rails below the sills.