We’ll always tell you what we find. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. It’s incredibly portable, easy to use and provides good quality sound. A tiny LED sits above the Samson logo and glows blue when powered, turning red when the microphone is peaking. It’s still good but doesn’t have the pleasing tone of the Meteor Mic. Samson Meteorite – Design Like the Meteor Mic, the Meteorite evokes memories of classic rock and roll microphones such as the Shure 55SH, with its chunky outer shell and inner lining of … Samson Meteorite deals. $39.99. It’s certainly not the toughest cable we’ve ever encountered and we can definitely see the point where it enters the microphone being a point of failure. The Samson Meteorite is a cracking little portable USB microphone that will be perfect for those that want to take the first step towards higher quality audio recordings. Marantz Professional MPM-2000U USB Condenser Review; Blue Yeti Nano Usb mic review; HyperX QuadCast – Gaming USB mic /w Shock Mount review; Shure MV51 – Condenser USB microphone review ; See All in this category ... Samson Meteorite is a cheap USB mic … Compact and portable. It’s also clear, comparing the two, just how much you are missing out on in terms of sound quality. Then again, that’s why it costs half as much – less than half going by MSRP. A magnet helps the two stay together while allowing enough movement for easy adjustment. Because it draws so little power this microphone can be used with iPads, with the help of either Apple’s Lightning USB Camera Adapter or Camera Connection Kit (30-pin). Like the Meteor Mic, the Meteorite evokes memories of classic rock and roll microphones such as the Shure 55SH, with its chunky outer shell and inner lining of protective grilles. Here is a quick rundown of the Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone, along with a video review and an original unedited audio recording made with the Meteor Mic. Latest Related. The voice quality will be a significant improvement over your computer’s built in microphone. What features it does have thus pertain to the quality of its microphone and analogue to digital converter. However, it’s less suitable for interviews or group recordings that require omni-directional pickup patterns. Posted on October 7, 2016 October 11, 2020 by Peter. The Samson Meteor is a plug-and-play USB microphone that hooks straight into your computer’s USB port. Portable USB microphones are a dime a dozen these days but one of the finest we’ve ever encountered is the Meteor Mic by Samson. … It can also turn its hand to recording musical instruments so could work for recording your latest acoustic hit. Our Verdict. A very good portable mic, albeit one better suited to casual use rather than more demanding recordings. The Meteor Mic is just one of the USB mics we tested for our Ultimate Guide to USB Mics. As for audio quality, it’s very good, and is easily enough for the sort of jobs it’s meant for: podcasting and rough recording while on the road. Cabling avoids laptop noise. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. The smaller cousin of Samson’s well-reviewed Meteor microphone, the Meteorite checks in at about two inches wide and 2.5 inches tall (50mm x 67mm), weighing a mere 0.26 pounds (118g). But for those that aren’t yet too demanding, this is among the best portable USB microphones available. As for its sonic performance, we tested the microphone by recording spoken word, singing, amped electric guitar, acoustic guitar and a full rock band playing in a rehearsal space with drums, multiple guitars, bass and vocals to see what it could cope with. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. The microphone itself is totally spherical and it sits in a concave stand – also chromed plastic – that allows it to be moved around so as best to point the microphone in the right direction. Cardoid pattern ideal for recording single voice and instruments, Stand makes it easy to point in right direction, Maybe not tough enough for life on the road, Cardoid pattern unsuitable for group recordings/interviews, Sound quality doesn't quite stretch to more serious music recording, Removable magnetic base for optimal desktop positioning. As demonstrated in the video below, the Meterorite simply doesn’t pick up the bass tones in our acoustic guitar test creating a much more shrill, brittle sound. Coming in at just £35 it offers ‘CD’ quality sampling and a 20-20,000Hz frequency range and weighs just 124g. You can quickly see what it looks like and hear what it sounds like. The pickup pattern is cardoid – standard front facing – so is suitable for typical USB microphone tasks such as recording single voice for podcasts and such like. Now the company has released a new, even smaller addition to its lineup, and it’s called it the Meteorite. However, certainly in comparison to the Meteor Mic there’s a clear lack of depth to its recordings. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly.