A 1,000 lumens is roughly about a 75 watt light bulb. – Can’t add other users on the app and have to share the same login creditials And I have another issue, I have a granddaughter with epilepsy. Another issue I see with the light is for the cover to be able to be cleaned. Next I programmed my remotes, very simple hold the program button on the unit til it flashes and then press a button on the remote you want to program, same thing for your home-link in your car (read you car’s manual how to program your home-link), I have an Audi and had to use the remote to train my home-link first before I could program the button inside the car. Ya know when you didn’t know you wanted something till you’ve seen it in action? I’m sorry you’ve had an issue with the keypads, that’s always tedious! Apple is not endorsing or sponsoring this product. I have bought the batteries that are attached to the openers along with the extension cord reel. Only thing I had to do after running it up and down was readjust the belt tension as that seemed a bit loose after working it. However there are always things that can be improved on with any product. You can listen to them over the speaker and keep doing what you were doing before they called. When I really want to do my headbanging, I am going for another radio, but I know my neighbors don’t like me that day either. You try to do everything to get off the phone with them and they keep coming up with new things to say. The key pad would not work after 3 weeks of use. I am so happy they included this as a module on the system. The easiest thing was the modules, which are pretty much plug and play. Good to know about the vacation mode. Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about our team. 5. In regards to the speed, yes I agree. He hired an electrician on 3 different occasions to install and trouble shoot the problems. I have installed 2 of these openers on my barn. Make sure vacation mode is not on! BLA BLA BLA !!! Do you have the new remotes or the old remotes? I think that would do a great job in shining a ton more light and in a wider direction. 6. ? I will be interested to see if they add more accessories to the unit over time. Since the remotes don’t work from any type of distance from the garage I’ve been using the app which until this week has worked great. – The fan module has three speeds controllable from the inside key pad and the app They have really invested into their Ryobi line and have been making huge strides with this brand. Programming the two remotes was also a snap. I’m very surprised at how slow the drive is since it has a 2hp motor. Remember I am the guy who calls the TV repair man when my TV doesn’t work and pays $150 for him to tell me the TV is unplugged. Ryobi decided to include a nice quick reference guide with a simple step by step sheet for easy installs. It is junk has to relearn it programming on a regular basis. Really compared to other openers on the market, how cool is this? The app is junk, the preset stopped working four months ago, all I get from their “support” is that they’re working in it. Add any one of the RYOBI Garage Door Opener Accessories to customize your garage with the ability to do everything from playing your favorite tunes to having lasers ensure you park perfect every time. I have the parking assist and the fan installed. We have a double car garage door and a single car garage door. It needs to be easy to set up and configure. The remote won’t communicate with the HomeLink system in either car. I would love to have some notification on the phone pop up letting me know that the garage opened either from a remote, the wall pad or another phone. This is a garage door opener that you can accessorize. As for the opener, I have to say it’s extremely quiet. So there is no bypassing it, and really it’s actually kind of nice to give people the heads up! So if your power goes out, you always know that the battery back up is fully charged to do the job it was intended to do. Customer service gives me a different solution every time I call them. Again, we can’t see the inside, but they appear quality. I love the fact that there are so many modules and open bays, so you can customize it the way you want. Great thing I think. Not only will it act as a battery back up for your garage door, it will also charge your battery. Again this is a fan, it does what it’s supposed to do and I really don’t have any complaints about it. Yes, my walking. Whenever I program a new one, the last stops working. If you push the wall mount the accessory just clicks. Again, don’t go into this thinking you’re getting a Bose or some great bass speaker. I am really not going to go into the quality because anything I say from here is just speculation. Ryobi couldn’t solve the problem. The quality has grown by leaps and bounds just over the last 5 or 10 years. I love listening to background music and this is perfect. I learned after the fact to not install remotes until they are programed. Use with our exclusive app for remote monitoring and control, LED Light projects clean clear light and eliminates the hassle of replacing bulbs, Bluetooth Speaker, Park Assist, Fan, Retractable Cord Reel, Security Camera, High Power Inflator.