For instance, there is a pair ЧИТАТЬ (to read, imperfective) – ПРОЧИТАТЬ (to read, perfective). NOTE: This course is under construction! As you can see, the doer (“by whom”) is in instrumental case. Course Content Expand All Introduction About This Course 2 Topics | 1 Quiz Sample Lesson Expand Lesson Content 0% Complete 0/2 Steps Russian … Master Russian Participles Read More » The Past Tense The Present Tense . Formation of the past passive participle depends on the kind of verb involved: Group 1. They cover such topics as numbers, furniture, time, body, jobs and occupations, food and colors. Participles worksheets and online activities. Today I’m talking about this grammar. How to use and form participles in Russian. Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. The Formation of Active Participles The Pœsent Tense The Past Tense Passive Participles . English-Russian Vocabulary Quizzes These quizzes will help you to learn and review vocabulary. Russian Active Participles and Verbal Adverbs (Активные причастия и деепричастия) After my video about the Russian village, my subscribers asked me to explain how Russian Participles and Verbal Adverbs work. Have you heard about Russian imperfective and perfective verbs? The Formation of Passive Participles . Past passive participles form the basis of the Russian passive voice. Sentences Containing Participial and Verbal Adverb Constructions The Participle Active Participles . Short-Form Passive Participles . Past passive participles — short forms: Formation Past passive participles are formed from perfective verbs only! Almost every Russian verb has a pair with the same general meaning. Russian Grammar Exercises Test your knowledge of Russian with these exercises on case, alphabet, spelling rules, transliteration, and verb conjugation. Revision Exercises . We call this grammatical category verb aspect. Current Status Not Enrolled Price Free Get Started Login to Enroll Mastering participles will unlock a world of reading – signs, letters, literature, news, and more.  FR: About us | Home | User agreement | Link to us : Usage of Participle . Lesson on Russian participles. The starting place to learn the Russian language on the Internet. The participle is a special form of the verb that combines the qualities of verbs and adjectives.