June 25, 2018 | Tags: How to say in Russian Russian Dative case. To use a personal pronoun in the dative case, you should use the following: Мне - me. Practice everyday Russian with native professional teachers for only 6 euros for a 20-minute lesson. Recognizing Russian Words. The verbs below are given in pairs: the first one is imperfective and the second one is perfective: дава́ть / дать – to give. Вам - you (formal, or plural). Russian grammar exercises. Names and Nicknames. For more information and examples refer to Lesson 13 - Russian Dative Case Pronouns of the dative case. Сколько лет Сергею? Did you know that we always use the Dative case to express age? (0236g) Names of people and places. Today let's learn how the personal pronouns change in the Dative case. masculine and neuter nouns add an у sound to their ending; feminine nouns change their а sound to an е sound; nouns in plural form add ам; you use the dative case when you mean ‘to’ something or someone. All rights reserved. Free Grammar and Exercises; Free Russian PDF books; ... Home » Russian Tips of the Day » Russian Dative Case to Express Age. International Online Russian Language School, Asking for Permission or Offering Something in Russian, How to Say "How Much Does It Cost" in Russian, Dative Case with Physical or Emotional States, Russian Language and Literature According to the Russian School Program. посыла́ть / посла́ть – to send. Textbook Exercise 1-22. The dative case in Russian is the third case out of the six Russian cases and serves to indicate the emotional or physical state of a noun or a pronoun. Did you know that we always use the Dative case to express age? Exercises to practice your knowledge or Russian grammar. Verbs that take the Dative case. - Give it to me. (0369g) Recognizing Russian Names of People. All you need to know to say it correctly 80% of the time is:. (0372g) Palatalized and Unpalatalized Consonants. (0368g) Recognizing Russian Names of Cities. The activities are divided in 3 levels, from basic Russian for beginners, up to advanced. Subscribe and get a Russian Tip in your inbox every day! Ему (m), Ему (n), Ей (f) - him, it, her. How old is Sergey? The dative case answers the questions кому (kaMOO)—"to whom" and чему (chyMOO)—"to what". Тебе - you (informal). Level: Intermediate Topic: Adjectives in the dative case (1) Instructions: Choose the right DATIVE form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter). 2. Russian Grammar Exercises. No reproduction is allowed without written permission of the author. Learn Russian online with native Russian teachers. 4. It also has a directional function. ... Adjectives in dative: Masculine 1 Masculine 2 Feminine 1 Feminine 2 Neuter. дари́ть / подари́ть – to give a present. (0371) Recognizing Russian Consonants. (0381g) Урок 1. By Dr. Sergei Fadeev. Им - … Russian Dative Case to Express Age. The Russian dative case is easy. How old are you (polite form)? Нам - us. расска́зывать / рассказа́ть – … The Dative case of Nouns (Singular) Russian school Russificate © 2013-2020. Я не могу́ тебе́ помо́чь. я - мне ты - тебе́ он - ему́ / нему́* она - ей / ней* оно - ему́ / нему́* мы - нам вы - вам они - им / ним* * use these pronouns after the prepositions Examples: Дай мне э́то. Сколько Вам лет?