1v/PA) and a frequency response of 30Hz to 15kHz (+/-3dB). Categories: Product Reviews , Shootouts , … The R-10 has a 2.5-micron thick aluminum ribbon--it's the same ribbon element used in their R-121 ribbon mic. The R-10 is Royer's most cost-effective mic starting at around £450 ex-taxes for a single mic and only £780 ex-taxes for a matched pair in a solid flight case. The R10 is exceptional and great on guitars. Think of the R-10 as the little brother to the more widely known and highly regarded Royer … Twenty years ago, Royer Labs unleashed the "now classic" Royer R–121 mic [Tape Op #19], and (along with AEA) helped point digital-weary engineers back towards the welcome old-school sound of ribbon … The R-10's sensitivity is about 5dB lower than Royer's flagship R-121 (at -50 dBv) and features a custom Royer … The R10 and R121 sound almost identical except that the R10 has a pronounced low end roll off which works better on high energy sources like guitar cabinets, … It has a sensitivity rating of -54dBv (ref. If you have any questions about either the Royer R-10 or Royer R-121, please contact one of our Vintage King Audio Consultants by email or phone at 888.653.1184.