I'd probably be looking at them first before Rode. It's gREAT on vocals!!!!!! Lots of mainstream singers use it for vocals, so it's nothing to be embarrassed about it. My agent returned it with an NT2000 for comparison, and the replacement NT2A sounded a lot better than the first one, but the NT2000 was like gold in comparison. then again you may find there is a noticable difference on your voice. My only question about the NT2000 is if it has nice coloration and character. The Rode NT2000. Try that you won't regret that one!!!!! Thanks for the replies guys. I want a vocal mic that has a little personality to it so it doesn't sound so perfect if that makes since?? As far as my pre amp I have a U.A Solo 610 which sounds freakin great. One thing this mic is sensetive about mic pre. Thanks. Rode mics are cheap and nasty, and probably you had a dud one. Be aware that Acoustic Sound Treatment plays a big role here! I was told the NT2000 has a much brighter sound than the NT2A and I don't know how that would sound due to the fact that I have a deeper voice. I found this searching info on the NT2000. You can't tell from the published chart and description - but the NT2A is a nasty sounding mic (perfect for putting on edge on my soft voice). When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Those Rodes are pretty bulletproof too, my NT1000 has been bashed so many times because I use it in "unsafe" places and it doesn't care. Not that this means much, but I was reading a review about both the NT2000 and the AKG 414, and the reviewer liked the 2000 a lot better. Anyways, I guess I'm asking which mic is better for rap vocals? The NT2000 had a nice smooth character to it, there was a little colour there but only enough to flatter rather than detract ... overall I think a superb vocal mic for the money and better than most at that price point. 3 Mojave Audio MA-201 Large Diaphragm FET Mics- U87 | eBay. Warm sounding but also natural. I was curious about the difference between the NT2A (which I really like) and the NT2000. The NT2000 and the NT2A were both quite close in my view but I gave the win to the NT2000 which I found superb on my voice from the belting I gave them all. Forget about what people told you. The 414 is about 3 to 4 hundred bucks more too. I was either going to get that or the AKG 414. After your condenser obsession cools, you'll come back to your trusty Sm57 for vocal duties. Both are superb mics for ANYONES vocals as they give you the most faithful sound reproduction (given you have a clean vox chain). I have tried the Neumann TLM102 and 103 and I think the Rode NT2000 is on par with the TLM 103 for sure. It’s accurate, rich and balanced. My experience was that I ordered an NT2A based on specs - and when it arrived it sounded so bad I had to return it. you could save a few bucks with the NT2A its basicly the same just with less options for polar patters and HPF, they use the same capsule as the K2. Hey there! im considering both the nt2000 and also the 4050 now. You can completely change the sound of song. The Rode NT2000 is a great sounding mic, it's in another league compared to NT2A. Funny, I had exactly the opposite opine .... had both, didn't like the NT2000 at all - sounded a bit cheap and was noisier .... not saying that the NT2a is great however - just versatile. They are great and have alot of output so if you have a cheap preamp they save you from having to use a ton of gain. For $600 the Mojave MA-201 would be my choice. The Sm57 is still a really nice mic for vocals. I use mine time and again for background vocals. So I'm looking to buy a new mic and I've been referred to these two the most. I much prefer the AT4040 and Neumann TLM102. The NT2000 is a good, silky sounding mic that is in a better league again. I use NT2000 for more then 5yrs and did a terabite of records with it - everyone happy. Never sounds cheap to my ears. It's not a perfect mic, but dang, it sure is a solid little mic on just about everything. The blue baby bottle rocks!!!!!! The 4050 will be cleaner than the NT2000 or NT2a, I wouldn't get the NT2 (old version without the a). You will use it on alot more than vocals. Rode mics are cheap and nasty, and probably you had a dud one. Buying again, I would avoid both and go for Audio Technica 40 series or better. yeah i'm curious too. I haven't tried the NT2000 but have an NT-1a here. no matter what mic you get you have to try it out, you can get list of alot of good options here but noone can tell you how it will sound on your voice. I tried both the Rode NT2000, NT2A and the K2 today ... forget the K2, I found it very thin and brittle in the mids and top register, brash might be the word. Rode is a beast mic with amazing sound quality and character! is the Rode NT2000 a good starter Mic for vocals? so I asked Rode directly. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is, I finally have to get it together and get a real mic for vocals, because I'm tired of singing with the SM57 LOL Anyway I have heard a lot of good things about this mic, but if you know of anything else for around 5-6 hundred let me know. Also I would like to mic up acoustic guitars, and cabinets for guitar. Some compared it with a Neumann U87 and didn’t see much of a difference. Ever since the NT2, Rode have been stirring up the mic market, and their range now includes a variety of respectable valve and solid-state models priced for the project studio owner. Hey there! Rode has a great warranty, and the studio package containing a pop-filter, shock-mount, XLR cable, and carrying case is a nice added bonus. The NT1a is quite harsh and fizzy towards the high frequencies. Two new large-diaphragm mics from Rode improve on their previous technology for a classy sound with exceptionally low noise.