Be prepared to love it, even if you're not a kale or brussels sprouts person. Whether it’s a family gathering, an end-of-year do, or just an informal get together with friends, the odds are that the host will ask you to “Just bring a Chinese BBQ pork, day old rice, vegetable oil, kosher salt, white pepper and 7 more Cold Rice Noodle Salad with Spicy Lime Vinaigrette McCormick minced garlic, rice vinegar, fish sauce, salt, cucumber, shredded carrots and 8 more As for us – since we weren't hosting this year all I was asked to bring was a rice salad to go with the main course. Made with crisp power greens, toasted walnuts, chunks of Parmesan and a lemony Dijon dressing -- this salad tastes like a healthful, crunchy Caesar. As Summer approaches, so does picnic, barbecue and party season. They took care of everything and did an absolutely fantastic job! The food was amazing, the sun shone all day and everyone had a great time. It was my husbands company BBQ at the weekend, which was hosted by his partner and wife.