f.; R. oblongum Griff. Leaves narrowly oblong, 6 to 9 (sometimes … Rhododendron griffithianum Wight. R. xanthostephanum – bright yellow small flowers – Lovely red peeling bark – probably best as a pot plant – needs to be trained and pruned for shape – somewhat tender. Botryosphaeria . Rhododendron excellens NVD#018 A Maddenia new to cultivation, closely related to nuttallii but with foliage that is more strongly glaucous-white beneath. (Photo by E. A. Bush) Figure 2. It is quite devoid of down or hairs in all its parts. Eggs are laid in the spring and hatch from late-June to mid-July. Azalea Bark Scale, Eriococcus azalea: This insect prefers azalea or rhododendron but can infest andromeda, maple, willow, poplar and other plants. R. yakushimanum see R. degronianum subsp. Figure 4. Synonyms: R. aucklandii Hook. Females are approximately 1/8-inch long White felt-like sacs are secreted in May that enclose the body and eggs. The hardiest of the larger-flowered maddenias. Delightfully fragrant and with its attractive peeling bark, Rhododendron 'Saffron Queen' is a medium-sized evergreen shrub with flowers held in lax trusses of 8-9. yakushimanum – for a description of this most popular species rhododendron. Smooth and peeling bark. Peeling bark on a Botryosphaeria-diseased apple branch. Very large and fragrant white flowers with a strong yellow-orange blotch in late spring to early summer. (Photo by E. A. Bush) species. A wilting rhododendron branch with the bark partially removed to reveal the brown discoloration in the wood caused by . An evergreen shrub, or occasionally a small tree, with erect branches and peeling bark. Blooming in early to mid spring, it bears abundant, vivid yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with darker spotting on their dorsal lobes.