Copyright © 2008 - Tejraj & Co. All Rights Reserved. All telescope mirrors have an aluminum reflective coating, reflectivity is approximately 93%. Parabolic mirror: GSO offers very HIGH quality parabolic mirrors for the people who want to build their own telescopes or DIY project. In this post, we’ll talk about the first one which is the most time consuming but also the most interesting. 4.6 out of 5 stars 786. Coated with highly reflective Hilux, you are guaranteed much brighter images than most telescopes on the market. This value-packed kit comes with a Shorty 2x Barlow and the Orion Beginning Stargazing Toolkit. 4.4 out of 5 stars 22. 4.8 out of 5 stars 8. Our elliptic flat mirror has the same high optical quality as our parabolic primary mirrors using BK7 quality glass. All mirrors have an aluminum reflective coating of 93%. Secondary flat mirror 1/12 wave (DIAGONAL) are optically flat yield optimum performances when combined with above astronomical mirrors. JMI Online Store £ 130.99. other glass materials. Our mission is to bring quartz to the amateur market at an affordable cost. Zambuto Optical Company is a full service custom manufacturer of premium Newtonian primary telescope mirrors from 7" through 24" diameter. Reflectivity approximately 93% for Your Equipment using the Telescope Equipment Index, Find What You Are Looking For These mirrors are exceptional in performance and can be relied upon 100% to give virtually flawless images. BK7 glass using the Key Word Index, Guan Sheng Optical (GSO) All of the mirror surface quality over 1/12 wave RMS at the least, typically better. Building a reflector telescope can be decomposed in 2 steps: make the mirror and build the tube/mount. Diffraction limited Quartz is stronger than Pyrex (borosilicate glass). Protective coating (SiO2) Quartz, however, has been traditionally far too expensive for the amateur market. appearance. GSO makes the World's Finiest Astronomical Mirrors with unmatched manufacturing optical precision. GSO's parabolic primary mirrors are perfect for those who want to build their own telescopes or replace mirrors in older ones. Telescope Mirror Blanks Providing telescope mirror blanks and kits to telescope makers. Parabolic mirror with matching secondary GSO offers very HIGH-quality parabolic telescope mirrors for the people who want to build their telescopes or DIY project.Â. BK7 is a barium borosilicate Find What We Sell Ullman Devices HTC-2 High-Tech Telescoping Inspection Mirror, 2-1/4" Diameter, 6-1/2" to 36-3/8" Length. Manufacturer's Specs Telescope Mirrors, Guan Sheng Optical (GSO) The November 1974 issue of Sky & Telescope (page 325) carried an article by Eric G.H. Plastic protractor inserted under a 6 inch mirror blank during a stress test, to illustrate what stress would look like - if there were any present. Supplied with full Zygo interferometer report. Special Notice-We want to let our customers know that during this timeframe we continue to do business as usual. Our parabolic telescope mirror size ranges from 6" to 16", all of these mirrors are made from BK7 quality optical glass and all the mirror surface quality over 1/16 wave RMS at the least, typically better. The aluminum coating is protected by a quartz overcoated to make the layer durable against aging effects. Amazon's Choice for telescope mirrors. Astronomy telescopes, Dobsonian telescope kits, primary mirrors, elliptical secondary mirrors, (Also WHEN AVAILABLE: mirror holders, spiders, lenses, telescope parts, astronomy accessories, eyepieces, filters, diagonals, finder scopes, Telrads, photo adaptors, close-out specials) Exclusively using Coulter Optical ® optics. Manufacturers & Suppliers of Astronomical Telescopes in India, STANDARD SPECIFICATION for Telescope Mirrors. $219.99 If purchased separately There may be delays with regard to shipments due to outside circumstances beyond our control, but we continue to perform our optical … 58. Parabolic Astronomical Telescope Mirrors 1/12 Wave are polished and figured to yield high-level performance. Electronics $42.99 $ 42. BK7 is a barium borosilicate optical glass known for its high transmission and clean, clear appearance. It is by far the most common material for many optical glass applications because it offers good optical properties and a reasonable price. It's used often as a standard of comparison for other glass materials. All telescope mirrors have an aluminum reflective coating, reflectivity is approximately 93%. Manufacturer's Specs. This value-packed 10" Dobsonian Reflector Telescope Kit boasts top-notch features and comes with a deluxe set of accessories; Azimuth roller bearings and adjustable altitude trunnions provide silky-smooth telescope motion £ 164.95. Mobsby of Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, describing a method of testing medium and long focus mirrors with a special inverse grating that can be interpreted with the ease of a Null Test. Each mirror is aluminized and overcoated. Electronics $599.99 $ 599. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Astronomical Telescope Secondary Mirror 70mm Surface Coated with Aluminum and Aluminum Oxide Newton Reflector Telescope Spherical Mirror DIY Astronomical Telescope. The aluminum coating is protected by a properly applied protective coating (SiO2). Another significant advantage with quartz is the expansion due to thermal absorption is six times less than Pyrex, which has been the gold standard in mirror blanks for years. Common brands of surplus telescope mirrors include Celestron, Orion, Baader, and Svbony. Get the best deals on Telescope Mirrors when you shop the largest online selection at 400 grade ginding powder. All of these brands produce high-quality mirrors and can work in your telescope. 1/16 wave RMS minimum, typically better Mirror blanks are individually tested for internal strain. Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Kit. Research Compare { width: 160, height: 160, defaultImage: '', layers: '24818' } Orion Observer II 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope Kit.