That snap! Thank you. Linda, if you were able to order them on line I am guessing there a any people out here who would love to do the same. Now I’m hungry. In the states, they chalk it up to making their product stand out, but abroad things are a little more transparent. They are not necessarily with the rest of the hot dog rolls. Frank rolls, 3. The Kayem Reds are a novelty item and nothing more. We also had our choice of NE rolls too. I order them on line now as I hate being without them. We serve snappy reds all week but on Sunday’s we do a Benny dog with IPA hollandaise and a heart attack dog with Welsh Ratebit and bacon! It’s actually one of the easiest ways to confirm you’re eating one of the best hot dogs on the market: one that’s not packed with mysterious interior ingredients or coated in artificial casings like some hot dogs out there. Make it Buffalo Style! She was born in Maine on 8/29/17. In Maine, Bangor-based W.A. Well, yes they do exist, but honestly they are not as good as I get older as I remember as when young. A friend worked for them, then Jordans bought them out. I would like to know if these are the kind served at The Maine Diner. Compared to all beef…the only thing neat about them is the red casing…otherwise they really are not very good or good for you. Dressed down or loaded up, when it comes to red snapper hot dogs the topping combinations are endless. It was a standard and I loved them. My favorite is an all beef Pearl Kountry Klub dog made in Randolph, MA. And let’s not forget mustard pickles. We’d sit on the glider swings and chew on our hot dogs. Nothing like a Maine dog! Hot dogs are very popular throughout the United States. Sterns, they sold the “Red Snappers”. Grill them until they break open and are slightly charred. These brands all use various methods to achieve that bright red hue -- red dye #40, red dye #3, or sodium nitrite -- but none come right out and say why they started dying them red in the first place. Rice’s Hot Dogs!!!!! Thanks…. Go from season to season in New England with this delightful wall calendar. Will definitely make an order for red snappers and rolls. Also must have the open top buns. As a Mainer who moved to the south, I have seen these Southern red hotdogs. Serve hot on buns, spoon on extra … A third (the melted cheese underneath hidden by the hot dog) has a few spoonfuls of sauteed mushrooms and onions. I lived in Massachusetts for the first 29 years of my life (I’m 75 now). It was a very big disappointment. Nancy, is your dad still with us? The New England buns are to die for too. The bright red does add a huge dose of fun and vibrancy to eating enjoyment, as well as helping distinguish Filipino hotdogs from the blander, more common franks and sausages. This question haunted me as I grew up in Maine. Why the NASCAR world is buzzing about some $2 hot dog If you get it with the works, it’s a steamed bun with a bright red hot dog, topped with mustard, chili, a vinegar-based slaw and onions. Make it Buffalo Style! The texture is about the same as hotdogs but the taste is entirely different, with none of the nasty fat aftertaste. Still made in Bangor at WA Bean factory. When the hot dogs are hot and ready, put them in the warm rolls and load on the toppings. Bean and Sons, so I went digging to find out where else red hot dogs appear around the world. Love them, sure the originals r better tho…. These sausages are then hickory-smoked and packed to maintain freshness. I married into a family who HAD to travel the 17 miles to Fryeburg, MAine just to get the “RED HOT DOGS ” That is what we always have called them–I now live in Edinburg, Virginia and I still have to have my RED HOT DOGS-before my husband passed away we used to go back home and we would always bring home 2-3 large packages ohf the dogs -freezing them we we got here— Now I don’t travel but I have a brother who still lives up there and every time he comes down he brings me a few packages of my “Red Hot Dogs–he was down in Sept and I have one left which-before reading this -I wasgoing to have tonight with some baked beans–and of course I always have to have the “New England ” hot dog bun –which we always brought back !! This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. But a little further north, the menu item is a fire engine red hot dog grilled to smoky perfection and nestled inside a New England-style bun split right down the center. I searched high and low for anything like them, but they are definitely one of a kind. At 1st I thought them to be a joke then I tasted one. Let us know! They are nothing more than a cheap hot dog with cheap red dye. Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast, Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Tomato. After polling my born-and-raised Maine family about the tradition to little success, I set out to find out where the name came from, how this seemingly normal hot dog has become such a regional stronghold, and my own personal million dollar question: Why the hell did they ever start dying them red? In Maine since 1888. “Mainers stick up for that red hot dog, as you know,” Sean Smith, the director of sales and marketing at the red hot dog purveyor W.A. But he did mention that the practice started in the 1930s when a German butcher joined the ranks at W.A. Wish y’all could sell them down here in Springtown TX. One way to know for sure that you’ve crossed into Maine is when you notice certain brands of hot dogs in the grocery store are a shocking, bright red. My husband picked up a huge package of red hot dogs because he had them as a kid and loves the casings on them He had me try one and now I am a diehard fan of them. Kayem calls them “a New England tradition” and Cloverdale’s website and other forums have comment sections with dozens of entries filled with people seeking out the red dogs they can only find here and there in North Dakota.