Science Resources: Learning to Read a Thermometer Learning to Read a Thermometer. They will be given various pictures along with a thermometer, they will have to estimate the temperature of all the given pictures. What is the temperature on this thermometer? With this interactive thermometer, children can practice reading the thermometer or the teacher can show on interactive whiteboard how to read a thermometer. He will look at the picture and write the correct temperature in the space provided. Explain the steps for This first grade science worksheet gives your child some … Play this game to review Other. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Reading temperature a, Reading a thermometer fahrenheit celsius, Activity 1 whats the temperature level 1, Reading thermometers work oc, Temperature conversion work, Reading temperature e, Lesson 2 thermometers temperature scales content, Temperature and. What is the temperature on this thermometer? 5th - 8th grade. Thermometers often have increments, which mark the fives or tens place on the thermometer. Two thermometers (sideways) with temperature to read (-20 to +50) click in box for reading to be displayed, click change for new ones. Mathematics, Other Sciences. In this game, kids would have to choose a unit of temperature to start the game. An ace math game designed for Fifth Grade kids to teach them the concept of reasonable temperature. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Reading a thermometer DRAFT. 66% average accuracy. … Temperature games for kids, such as those available on, allow parents and teachers to expand their students' knowledge beyond the classroom with fun and engaging tools. 1025 times. Free sample of subscription site but … All thermometers show Fahrenheit degrees. You can display 1, 2, or 3 thermometers at the same time: a round outside thermometer, a regular outside thermometer, and a thermometer for measuring body temperature (such as fever). 4 years ago. This first grade science worksheet gives your child some useful practice reading a thermometer.