They involve in converting proteins into amino acids. Raw Papaya Curry So in those early post-delivery days, there are certain dishes that new moms should eat to recover fast, gain strength and to feed the baby. I have done this curry in a very simple way. Raw Papaya Curry. It helps to cleans the body. Raw Papaya Curry – Green papaya benefits the health in several ways. Let us see some benefits of Eating Raw Papaya. Raw Papaya is filled anti oxidants. The papaya salad is a very popular dish in Thai cuisine. Raw papaya curry comes with excellent health benefits for the digestive and immune system and these recipes will help you eat more of this fruit. Its mainly aids in digestion, hence called as powerful fruit full of essential nutrients and enzymes to promote digestive health. It is one of the simple,e easy, quick and healthy curry goes well with all the Indian Main dishes. H ere is a very simple papaya curry for those lazy souls like me.. :) This tastes great with rice and pickle or fish fry or a chammanthi, but no hard work to make.. Raw Papaya is one such curry, you should definitely eat in those days and also it helps to increase the milk supply for your new-born.. So fresh and good Papaya is raw this time and I thought of preparing dry curry this time. More Raw Papaya recipes.