{ The antivirus was taken through a couple of tests, including the AV-Test Institute testing. The antivirus ransomware tool also comes with an inbuilt data backup and restoration tool. It also scans your computer for suspicious malicious files using Quick Heal's renowned DNAScan Technology. alert("Please enter your Name"); The parental control system will provide a way for you to block unwanted websites. } } return true; Quick Heal Online Scan is a great tool which scans your computer against viruses, spywares and other malwares. return LTrim(RTrim(str)); To activate the option, you navigate the tools menu up to the emergency disk option. To choose the scan you want, you will navigate to the scan options on the software’s interface. Add the fodders. The tune-up utilities will come with a decent Pc Tuner, which will provide a disk defragmenter that will all come in handy in increasing your computer’s performance. // Removes ending whitespaces "); The process may seem a bit overwhelming for some; however, it is not necessary, and the software will function just fine without it. Note: We have updated our Privacy Policy. } The theft also comes with anti-data theft protection features. It is based on Quick Heal's renowned DNAScan Technology. Now under the scan tab there is an option of boot time scan, click on it. Quick Heal Online Scan will not remove viruses, spywares and other malwares from your computer during scan. function validate1() The antivirus comes with quite the capable support team and mechanisms. Apart from this, you also have the option of email ticketing and live chat. Open QuickHeal dashboard by clicking on the Quickheal icon under the tray icons section. Boot Time Scan – Ability to enable Boot Time Scanning to scan and clear all drives at boot time before Windows is fully loaded. function trim(str) if (iChars.indexOf(Value.charAt(i)) != -1) { } if(document.webscan.name.value == "") { return false; if(document.dnacan.name.value == "") It is being regularly updated to detect new threats as like other Quick Heal Products. This tool facilitates the download of updates automatically from the Internet at … It is hard to get back your stolen laptop; however, with the quick heal antivirus, you get a chance at tracking it, and even getting it back. { This instant, the antivirus cannot be accessed, and the software comes with an emergency disk option. You can also choose to exclude specific subfolders from the scan if you want to. The antivirus will also come with safe banking features, where you will be protected from any sites that may steal sensitive banking information. if (!EmailIDValidation(document.webscan.email.value)) It is a signature independent scan, so malware are not detected by signature but by built-in intelligence based on behavior monitoring and static analysis of files. Boot Time Scanning with Windows Defender on Windows 10 PC. This option helps you reset or recover your password if you lose it. In the handbrake test, the antivirus helped the system improve from encoding an HD MKV File from an hour fifteen minutes to less than an hour. The free trial will be critical in helping you come to your conclusion on whether you want the antivirus or not. document.webscan.submit(); function EmailIDValidation(str) if (str.substring(0,4) == Http) // if email-id start with http return false; Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website. This can be launched from the program and will help allow a support technician to access the antivirus directly and remotely control it, helping you in any case or problems you might have. Quick DNAScan will not remove suspicious malwares from your computer during scan. The quick heal antivirus is fantastic software and will keep your system free form any viruses; however, you may want to test it for yourself first before making a decision. As previously stated, when it came to malware testing, the antivirus could not perform at the same level as the competition. It is being regularly updated to detect new threats as like other Quick Heal Products. { { This option will offer you three devices for one year. { The antivirus also comes with a firewall option. When it comes to blocking malicious threats, the antivirus comes with a low level and block level for traffic. { { This will help back up your files and store them somewhere hackers will not reach. To continue using Quick Heal Online Scan, provide below your Name and Email Address and … { It is quite fast but provide accurate result in case if your system is infected with malwares. alert('Please accept the our privacy policy'); { By submitting this data, you are confirming that you are an adult as per the laws of your country and you are granting consent to Quick Heal, it's affiliates and partners to communicate with you via electronic or oral media about our existing, new products, services, events and updates. var iChars = "-.><>(){}[]?&*~`!#$%^=+|\\:'\",;"; How Good Is It? }. You can now type the scan name and under ‘scan frequency;’ you get to select the scan time, scan frequency, and scan priority. In case of a ransomware attack, the files can be restored. )+([a-z]{2,4})+$/i; You can get to support through the telephone icon at the bottom of the phone. You also have the opportunity to export the software to other computers. } } Now it will never promt boot time scan next time. } The performance, although not the best, can be taken as pretty decent, enough to ensure your system is well protected. On each of these tests, the antivirus has the capability of achieving a maximum score of 6. In the future you may unsubscribe our services any time. They help look for viruses in places they might be hiding within the system. if(document.dnacan.email.value == "") The remote support functionality works in the same way the team viewer software works through providing a way for a person in another location to access and control your device through another computer after you synchronize both devices across the internet. The antivirus comes with parental control features that will give the competition a hard time. If no virus is found in the system memory, the installation proceeds. Here, all you need to do is register with your email address, create a password, and subsequently provide your product key. To continue using Quick DNAScan, provide below your Name and Email Address and click Continue. This is among the best ways to prevent spam emails, phishing threats, ransomware, and malware. if (!verifyfield(document.webscan.name)) The diagnostic tools are meant for a support technician in case you experience any trouble using the tool. { This advanced feature will help you identify and destroy cunning rootkits, spyware, special-purpose Trojans, and loggers. return str.replace(re, "$1"); document.dnacan.name.focus(); Webroot SecureAnywhere Review: Is It Worth Your Time? However, these tools are not meant for you unless you are an expert on antiviruses. When it came to re-introducing the malware back to the antivirus, the antivirus detected up to 94%. You can also select the option for initiating scanning when in case a scheduled scan was not actualized. } str = trim(str); You have the choice of selecting the scan at booting, where the system will be scanned once you start up the computer. var dotPos = str.lastindexOf(dot); Quick Heal achieved 5.5 on each score; however, other leading antiviruses such as Bitdefender (review) achieved a six score, getting a perfect 18 points. From the tests carried out on the firewall, no malware coder could disable the protection. This may happen for any reason that your system may have been switched off. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes. You must be interested in the Quick Heal antivirus if you came across this article, so stick with us to get an in-depth review of the Quick Heal antivirus and help you along your way to your new software.