PROTIP: Sometimes, this overlaps with. One of Exusiai's skill activation lines is a rather random exclamation of "apple pie", and she also references pie in her talk lines at one point. to view the video gallery, or Upon the introduction of Five star Caster Operator Tomimi, many fans noticed her thick crocodile tail, which is much bigger than fellow Archosauria Gavial. Tags: Healing Support Archetype: AoE Medic. There was this arknights art section somewhere. The Auto Deploy AI is somewhat competent when emulating your team setups on easier levels, where margins of error are larger and it has more leg room to wiggle about, especially if your operators have been promoted and now cost more DP than they did last time. Ptilopsis maintains a neutral stance at all times. Players have noticed how Meteor's expression in her default CG looks a lot like the, Projekt Red is typically depicted as a very lonely child who just wants to make a lot of friends. 609 votes, 31 comments. Behold, the laughing wolves meme template but with the lupo gang we all know and love. The strong points of the game is how little attention it requires to farm (you work out your strategy once, then you can auto-farm that map), they are giving a lot of background and connections to the characters, the game is nicely optimized and there are 2 new banners every 2 weeks with a 5* or higher (6* is highest) rarity character guaranteed to drop from the first 10 roll each banner. Feb 10, 2020 at 04:30PM EST Also applies to Beehunter. Press J to jump to the feed. Plume Stories: Ptilopsis; Gitano II. headquarters are being occupied by Reunion, which Ch'en rebukes as per her aloof and dismissive nature. This quickly spirals into fanartists photoshopping his face onto every female operator they can find, complete with tanning their skin brown to match his face, starting with the Penguin Logistics lot, and per community consensus, Thorns actually makes for a pretty damn attractive woman as well. r/arknights: The subreddit for Arknights - A tower defense mobile game by Hypergryph. Cases can range between letting a few enemies through, to outright failing because of the aforementioned reasons. This is where Push-type Specialists like the aforementioned Shaw come in, whose special abilities can shove her in several different directions, making them effectively impossible for her to sneak past. Most people took this as being cannon to the story and started making memes about it. There's also a pity system for 6*s. The tower defense gameplay also gives you a lot of. Arknights Meme : Ptilopsis Love Song Source : The thing that gets me is that there's a character who's literally a catgirl named Waai Fu. Whales will zoom past you in progression here too if you are free to play (unlike in Girls' Frontline), but the difficulty doesn't need such commitment SO FAR. Contact Here I make meme about Arknights on Messenger. A snowclone of the "Money printer go brrr!" Editing Jessica's face with the crying cat meme like. This means you'll build a good team as you progress even if you are unlucky, but you can't really save for later characters then. Due to the way her Bunny ears are drawn, Chinese fans joke that Amiya is actually a donkey and not a rabbit. A corruption of "burger". In certain maps, this can be exploited to mess with her AI, such as, For her appearance on CC Pyrite, thanks to her jacked-up weight stat, she is now less vulnerable to bullying...or so you thought. Always has been. After the debut of Botan Shishiro, viewers have immediately noticed the uncanny resemblance between her and her so-called "parents", sharing the lion, After Eunectes was revealed, players have immediately made a meme out of how plump she is, especially her thighs and rears. by According to one of Kroos's voice lines, she doesn't want anyone to look at her eyes, Kroos is one of the most common examples, bringing forth puns like the previously-stated "Tom Kroos", "Kroos Ship", ". When attempting to Auto harder stages, however, it is highly prone to screwing up with placement or skill timing, especially if your prior manual attempt included rapid actions. Feb 10, 2020 at 04:32PM EST Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Exusiai uses this term to describe Mostima's. Vulcan can be guaranteed using a pair of common tags, but the chances of these tags ever appearing together are extremely slim, while Indra uses the same tags as the far more common Melantha and Matoimaru, meaning you'd need one of the aforementioned "Senior Operator" tags just to have a realistic chance of recruiting her. A Japanese word that implies fluffiness. Arknightsis a Chinese mobile tower-defense game developed by Hypergryph. the doctors) as the first phrase suggests, this phrase simply notes that, A comical variant, used by players who are mostly just playing. Naturally, the fanbase was. 'v' Expect much anguish over people talking about their larger-than-average LMD stock, only for it to go right down the drain upgrading, Aak is infamous among the playerbase for his tendency to. Forgot account? Due to her being the only 3-star Supporter, you'll be seeing Orchid a. Joking at how the D-shaped "hilts" of Lappland's blades look like protractors. Talulah herself. Due to the inordinate rarity of the Senior and Top Operator tags in recruitment, a lot of players have been having a hard time hunting for it, sometimes for months without luck. Community See All. See more of Here I make meme about Arknights on Facebook. The names given to Big Bob and Ch'en respectively during their cameos in the Obsidian Festival event. Turning W's sprite upside down and calling it "M". among many other examples. The negative is, that it uses energy system (like Fate/GO, but you can't hoard 240 days worth of energy refill like me right now, energy refill items expire here in 2 weeks), but that means you don't have to play all day to keep up with the others.