Also , the Anderson neck joint makes upper fret access effortless on their T-style guitars and new Bulldogs. I'm gonna have to disagree. I'm also pretty happy with the scale length on both guitars. Both maple top versions, double cut and Singlecut, sport a ‘Pattern Vintage’ neck shape. Any thoughts on this from anyone whose played both is appreciated as well as any comments on the 594 itself. Not to say that the McCarty S2 594s were cheap per se. Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by EPICA, Mar 11, 2019. S2 singlecut vs Mccarty 594. It is however, a doublecut guitar. If your ideal guitar is a 1950s and '60s Les Paul but you can't afford a vintage one and, anyway, want something that has more modern playability and intonation, PRS's McCarty series could be the very thing. Each of the S2 McCarty 594 instruments feature 22-fret mahogany necks with bound rosewood fretboards, as well as a PRS zinc two-piece bridge and vintage-style tuners. Singlecut vs. Doublecut electrics. I'm still waiting for my 594 to be delivered, but using my 58/15 on my McCarty as a reference, those are my favorite PRS pickups. I would love to play a 594 Artist with an ebony board. I have always found that singlecut guitars have more punch and heft sonically than doublecuts (ex: Tele vs Strat). The body on the 594 is also slightly thicker, but I didn't notice any comfort loss with it. started by sunvalleylaw, Jun 1, 2011. Tom Quayle explains. With that said, I've had the McCarty a bit longer than my Double Cut 594, so it might be an issue of familiarity. Why a single cut? Something I prefer on my 594 is the satin neck finish (maple neck). Thanks .. I'm thinking about picking up a PRS 594 but am stuck on whether to get a single or double cut. Joined: Feb 2, 2019 Messages: 412 Likes Received: 725. Tags: mccarty 594 ; s2 singlecut; Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. pauloqs PRS McCarty. Discussion in 'Guitars, Guitars Guitars!' I think they're both just the way they were meant to be (LP-single and PRS-double) and the variations from that look like a poor afterthought. I've never played a single cut and wonder whether fret access is a problem compared to the double cut. It depends on what brand of guitar and how the neck joint is made. The 594 is now I believe the thickest PRS yet, and that is due to a larger chunk of mahogany, so they have recognized this. Starting at £1,649 for the S2 594 Thinline, with the S2 594 Singlecut and double-cut McCarty S2 584 priced £1,849, these are not guitars for beginners, but they are genuine US-built PRS guitars costing around half the price of the Core models, and similar to other US production line instruments from the likes of Fender and Gibson. That thing is ridiculously smooth. Upper fret access on PRS Singlecut guitars is much better than their (22-fret) double cutaways (IMO). ... OTOH, I prefer the look of the PRS double cut over their single cut. And now there's a new model in single and doublecut styles. PRS McCarty 594.