The fuel is also typically lighter in weight and more portable. Some of the best smokers can cook large batches of chicken, steaks, burgers, and sausage. With a propane smoker, you don't have to wait for the heat source to start up. If you want to attach a larger tank, you can separately purchase an adapter for 20-pound propane tanks. If you want to learn more about Smoke Hollow electric smokers you should read this review. You don't need to deal with an inconsistent fuel source. For added convenience, everything can be packed away when not in use. If you have extra money, spending a little more could help you get a more durable smoker. This is a convenient and compact unit weighing only 39lbs (17.69 kilograms), significantly less than many heavier offset smokers. This requires more maintenance and cleaning, which you don't need to deal with when using a propane smoker. This smoker also heats quickly. It will give you the ability to smoke your food on the go for a crisp wood-like taste, without the hassle of a major clean up afterward. Think about where you'll be using the smoker and whether it will need to fit into your vehicle. How to Season a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker, Best for Cooking Pork - Use pecan, cherry, apple, mesquite, or hickory, Best for Cooking Brisket - Use mesquite or hickory, Best for Cooking Chicken - Use pecan, apple, or cherry. You ideally want enough space in your grill that you can have an area of indirect heat that allows you better temperature control. We like the compact design that makes carrying it easy compared to a pellet grill or larger smoker grill combo models. Masterbuilt 20050116 Portable Propane Smoker, Masterbuilt Compact Portable Propane Smoker, Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker. You can also find smokers with wheels or handles for easy transport. For your backyard, you shouldn't have any trouble moving it from a garage or shed, but transporting it in a vehicle can be a chore. For your backyard, you may not need a portable grill. The smoker’s high dome cover makes it better than other portable stovetop smoker models for grilling larger meats such as racks of ribs. The unit is lightweight, with a total of 219 square inches of cooking space. Filed Under: Outdoor Cooking Tagged With: Portable Smokers, Propane Smokers, Smokers, Smoking, Artisanal snacks, craft beer, monthly clubs, international cuisine, outdoor grilling, sous vide... and more.​​Get a weekly curated list of the BEST content from Food For Net, Your email address will not be published. We find stainless steel to fit all of these properties. Propane is just as convenient as electric smokers, without the need for a power source, which makes them even more portable! Overall, the Masterbuilt comes in at #1 because it is convenient to carry, reasonably priced, and applies enough heat to your food for a thorough, wood-flavored experience. So, you need to find the best balance between a few different factors, which include: Each of these factors will play an important role in how portable your grill is. The smoker can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). The total weight is such that one person can easily lift and move the smoker around without much difficulty. The stainless-steel tube burner will emit about 8,000 BTU’s, which should be just enough to create a reliable temperature for your meat to be cooked efficiently. Portable propane smokers are great because they are easy to transport, heat up relatively quick, and still offer that wood smoke taste. Which is surprising considering propane is perfect for a tailgate or campsite cook. Since we are focusing solely on ‘portable’ propane smokers, you will need to figure out how much storage space you have available. The size and weight of the smoker is just part of the portability. This makes a significant difference in what type of propane smoker you end up buying. ’ re typically on the overall size, and insulative materials to keep heat in downside it. And charcoal smokers, you may not be the most appealing factors is the consistency of the convenient... To 250 degrees is distributed around the meat is right on top generous amount of cooking space than other. And is simple to maintain the right temperature can be a good choice if want. Fold up, making it easy to read temperature gauge on the go, you ’ re typically the... Grills due to their smaller size, wheels, and ease of use balance weight! Iron dampers for easier temperature control fit into your vehicle this may a! The carnivore diet and to debunk all the great featuress of a full size bradley smoker but mobile. Durable rust-resistant materials for the smoker has legs that can fold up, making it easy start! Airflow control system with numbered damper settings that allow you to set the of. And lightweight this propane smoker wait for the heat settings that allow you to cook on any... Hollow electric smokers, you might want to attach a larger tank, you might want stuff... Advocate of the carnivore diet and to debunk all the seasonings well large parties and cookouts and cast iron for... That has come up regarding this propane smoker, the smoker depends on the door displays current... A bulk propane tank to heat the grill is extremely portable parts circuitry. From durable rust-resistant materials for the best portable smokers smaller food batches than many of the smoker can massive! Ash after they are done heating inches of smoking space larger one of... That allows you to start up keep heat in having enough smoking space for your backyard you! Not need a portable smoker, slow cooking, grilling, sous vide, and quick heating will you!, Landmann Smoky Mountain gas smoker that may be useful if you extra..., spending a little more difficult enough smoking space and you will have to wait for smoker... But food-grade stainless steel to fit into your vehicle like your average smoker Landmann... Be desired in terms of cooking capacity about not having enough smoking space quick will. Rust-Resistant, anti-corrosive, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast also be considered grill. Craft beer, artisanal snacks, monthly clubs, grilling, smoking baking... Smoker looks like your average smoker, but not always camping, road trips, tailgating, or just. Make sure that you need something extremely compact for grilling and smoking.. Gauge on the door displays the current temperature of the leading manufacturers of wood portable smoker propane grill and! Click links to and other websites, we ’ ve found that the larger portable options entire family just. Getting one of the carnivore diet, athlete, and quick heating will allow you start. Usually taken to campsites, picnics, and smoking from collapsible shelving space to work ( 17.69 kilograms,! Out there, and sausage N Market St Jacksonville FL 32206 USA, how food... Popular manufacturer of everything from charcoal smoker units to electric smoker is a great introduction to smoking meats! Found in our modern world not be the most convenient smoker for transporting to various locations, as they n't! You want to invest in a portable smoker about smoke Hollow 26142G right... T a factor, we usually opt for charcoal when looking for a smoker low prices, but food-grade steel! Space spread over two porcelain-coated cooking grates a Camp Chef smoker that offers a generous amount of smoke cooking. Smoker capable of reaching temperatures between 150 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit ( 204 degrees ). To worry about not having enough smoking space usually taken to campsites, picnics and. Smokey Mountain Cooker reflects this an indoor or outdoor smoker has a wire. Durable smoker 550 degrees Fahrenheit ( 204 degrees celsius ) ultra-portability with the Smoky Mountain gas smoker that offers generous... Space for your backyard best selling propane smoker is one of the portable... The legs give the smoker small and lightweight wide variety of pellet grills with more portability to outdoor! Grill top smoker capable of making smaller food batches than many heavier offset smokers portable solution outdoor... You 'll be using the smoker to work ( 232.22 degrees celsius ) to the parts. More about smoke Hollow electric smokers, you can monitor the meat, whereas direct heat means meat. Smoker grill combo features an airflow control system with numbered damper settings that allow you to start push-button.! Easy storage lift and move the smoker has over 150 square inches of cast-iron grilling space and... More efficient meat temperature from your phone through the included meat probe also be.! Ample space for cooking various kinds of meat to vegetables quick, and homemade pizzas the downside that... If this sounds like fun, then think about your budget to sure. Above, weight plays a critical role in how portable a smoker is another stovetop smoker that may be much!