The basic idea behind this sandwich was to combine sweet fig preserves with salty prosciutto in a grilled cheese sandwich that is cooked panini style in a grill press. Heat a panini grill or waffle iron. A grilled prosciutto, pear and gorgonzola sandwich (Lynda M. González / Staff Photographer) Prosciutto, Pear and Gorgonzola Grilled Cheese Sandwich. WHISK balsamic vinegar with olive oil, honey and Dijon in a large bowl until combined.Add crushed garlic and tomatoes. Sweet things like jams and preserves work surprisingly well in grilled cheese sandwiches and when combined with something like prosciutto you definitely have a winning combination. Stir to coat. Ingredients. Most of the sharp and pungent dry cheeses pair well with prosciutto. For the cheese I wanted to go with … Let stand for 5 min. 4 … This Cranberry Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwich is great as appetizer or snack for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any holiday! Adding in sweet flavor, such as chewy dried figs or sweet, light-tasting melon, adds a fresh … Dry cheeses are often paired with prosciutto in salads or sandwiches. Generic blue cheese, Gorgonzola and feta are readily available, but you can experiment with any of the blue-tinged crumbly varieties with great success. Brush oil over bread slices. Top with half of the cheese, tearing to fit if necessary, all of the prosciutto and pepper strips and remaining cheese. Turn 4 slices over; spread pesto evenly over bread. Close sandwiches with remaining bread oiled sides up.