Proactive Strategies are interventions which are used on an ongoing basis in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of occurrence of the challenging behavior. Proactive: Reactive. 2: Resolution. This could be considered a proactive-reactive “hybrid” strategy. A proactive risk strategy generally consists of focusing efforts on mitigating the risk of pre-emptive threat occurrences. Proactive PR planning is an intentional strategy to generate free publicity to promote the positive attributes of a brand. Par exemple, vous ne vous contentez plus d’attendre que votre téléphone sonne, mais vous agissez conformément au plan d’actions commerciales que vous aurez pris le temps d’élaborer. Proactive strategies, when used well, can reduce the effort the company spends at “crisis management,” thus freeing up resources to focus on the organization’s mission. The goal of Proactive Strategies is to reduce the future probability of the behavior. Learn more. 2.1. Pros and Cons. This involves devising plans to protect critical assets via educating the business about the who, what, where, why, and how threats can potentially expose their valuable, sensitive assets. Proactive maintenance ensures that equipment remains in working order. Proactive Approach is where actions are taken before a small difficulty turns into an issue or a problem. Reactive Approach is when actions are taken after the issue arises and this increases work pressure and load. proactive definition: 1. taking action by causing change and not only reacting to change when it happens: 2. taking…. By contrast, reactive maintenance occurs only after equipment is broken. Proactive sustainability strategy and corporate sustainability performance: a natural resource-based view perspective. 1. Persistence A proactive approach implies an energetic and persistent set of actions such as a student who is interested in a masters program who tries to schedule an appointment with a professor to ask a few questions. The definition of proactive with examples. Action. Être proactif, cela signifie que vous allez encadrer votre réactivité pour qu’elle s’inscrive dans une stratégie d’action à moyen et à long terme. They are preventative and usually deal with the conditions that precede the behavior.