Incorporating 70+ ratings and reviews. Wharfedale Pro PSX112 Active Speakers Pair, RCF ART 745-A Mk4 Digital Active PA Speaker, Promotions, Competitions, Events & Offers. When the brand launched a follow up to the coveted and highly respected K Series speakers, we must admit that some eyebrows were raised. We round up a selection of the best budget PA speakers available today. Well, we can’t talk about the best active PA speakers without including the QSC K.2... 3. The Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System is more than just one of the best active PA speakers, but one of the best all-in-one PA, floor monitor practice amplifiers and primary music systems you can get your hands on. Receive exclusive news, reviews & savings delivered direct to your inbox. QSC K10.2 ACTIVE PA LOUDSPEAKER. 15'' woofer driven by an efficient 250W RMS / 400W peak amplifier module. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. by When QSC released the K.2 series which features a whopping 2000 watts of power – double that of the original K series (and most PA speakers in general) and built-in presets that sound engineers and live performers would ACTUALLY use, we were suitably impressed! The user presets within are extremely useful, expertly tuned for applications such as Stage Monitor, Dance Music, Musical Instrument Amplification, Hand-held Microphone and more. Also available: Wharfedale Pro PSX112 Active Loudspeaker , Wharfedale Pro PSX112 Active Speakers Pair. The lightweight, ultra-portable enclosure makes it easy to carry around – ideal if you need an active PA speaker for parties, public speaking applications, gyms, dance halls or sporting events. These are the 10 best cheap PA speakers that don’t suck! The 650 Hz crossover point is perfect for vocal reproduction, whether you’re using it in a choir situation or for a solo artist and the huge frequency response of 45 Hz - 20 kHz ensures your sound is heard correctly whether you’re using it in a drum and bass application or a theatre scenario. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 20+ in stock. In addition, the Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System is also one of the best active PA speakers for musicians, wedding duos and DJs. When coupled with the custom engineered high-efficiency amplifiers with Passive Cooling Design which ensures your speakers run quieter and cleaner, you will enjoy a more transparent and cleaner sound – ideal for monitoring on stage or wedding band duos. Last but by no means least we have the RCF ART 745-A Mk4 Digital Active PA Speaker. Those who ned to be able to travel will appreciate the handles, rugged design and tough grille, whilst those who want to gig frequenctly will appreciate the advanced protection circuitry with shut down and reset functionality. If you need a new set of powered speakers for your venue that you can easily install and take down for a variety of uses, the RCF ART 745-A Mk4 Digital Active PA Speaker is easily one of the best PA speakers available. ALTO TRUESONIC TS312 POWERED LOUDSPEAKER. In addition, you have both a high-pass filter and dynamic EQ functions for either front-of-house or monitor use. You have 1400 Watts of peak output power from the powerful Class-D 2-way amplifier to make use of, all housed in a hard-wearing chassis designed to withstand years of (ab)use. Speak to us today about your bespoke PA needs on 0151 448 2089. A 6-way contour selection switch allows you to set the sound for the likes of Dance music applications, Floor Monitoring, Speech applications and many more options. This budget friendly speaker makes our best active PA speakers list due to the vast amount of control you have over your sound and the 450W Continuous, 900W Peak Class D power at your disposal – this is loud enough for large venues but can easily be tamed for weddings, public speaking applications and more. When you need an affordable active PA speaker for an array of different applications and easy control over your sound, the Wharfedale Pro PSX115 Active Loudspeaker is a great option. Our highly skilled team can provide everything you need, from no-obligation quotes and site visits, to installation and included aftercare. View basket for details. In no particular order here’s our top 7 best active PA speakers or best powered speakers for all budgets, live applications and uses – all of which provide superb quality sound, are easy to install and even easier to use. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Best Powered PA Speakers under $2000: JBL Professional SRX815P - 15" - 2000W. Something went wrong. £169.99. The Elevated Surface, Tilt-Back, Monitor Mod and Speaker Stand modes have been perfectly tuned for each application. Here's the best outdoor PA systems & outdoor PA speakers for when you need a big sound in the great outdoors. The Wharfedale PSX115 is a fantastic powered, full speaker active PA system with plenty of connectivity designed to be put through its paces – what more could you want? The FiRPHASE Filtering technology helps to deliver a transparent sound and crystal-clear signal at all times, providing perfect stereo images to your audience whether it be a select few or an auditorium’s worth of people. Whether you’re a solo performer and need to plug directly into the PA or you’re a front of house engineer in need of a stereo output from a PA mixer or desk, you’re all set. Well, the team at QSC certainly didn’t disappoint when we delved into the world of the K.2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pair of Active Powered 10" Mobile DJ P… Also available as a pair. The Yamaha DBR15 makes our best active PA speakers list due to the sheer amount of power on offer and its ability to handle high output with near zero distortion thanks to superb quality transducers. The auto EQ function is perfect for those in a hurry as the Bose S1 Pro optimises its settings based on the position of the speaker. Straight out of the box you have a 2000-watt 2-way powered loudspeaker pumping out 1000 Watts of continuous Class D power , meaning you can push some serious sound around whether you’re providing sound for a wedding or busting out some tunes at an event – people are going to hear you no matter where they are! The Alto Truesonic TS312 Powered Loudspeaker, or TS312 for short, is one of the best active PA speakers available today, offering incredible clarity and easy to use features that venue owners, live DJs and bands will appreciate. An angled rear panel makes it ideal for use as a wedge monitor and the built-in 2 channel mixer with dual XLR ¼ inch combo mic/line inputs, both with independent level controls ensure you have superb control over your sound when you’re not hooking these up to separate mixer. Again, you have a 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module at your disposal, able to provide crystal clear sound through a 10” speaker and thanks to DMT (Directivity-Matched Transition) technology you have a smooth coverage across the entire listening area so there’s no drop outs or dead spots.