Positive Dog Training School offers personalized training services for your furry companion. The key is patience, learning takes time and your dog is obviously struggling to learn you. Reward-based, positive reinforcement methods following science-based standards.. Training Should be fun for you and Your dog! Positive reinforcement training is the best way to teach dogs new behaviors or change old habits. Training gives an owner the chance to bond with the new pet. When viewed as an opportunity to develop a relationship with the dog, rather than a lesson about domination, training … Questions are always welcome! The key to training dogs with positive techniques is to set firm boundaries initially, but these boundaries needn’t be enforced punitively to be effective. SPORT & FUN. Basic manners and everyday obedience for the family dog. ROWDY & REACTIVE. You can use a simple dog … Learn what makes this dog training method so great and how to get started. Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach dogs … It’s up to you as to how you approach training. Seriously Positive Dog Training … Positive dog training techniques can be fun, effective, and if done correctly, they can bring about the desired results quickly. From beginner to advanced. Email [email protected] or call/text … Get help now for your leash reactive dog. Your dog can learn to be more relaxed around other dogs.