ground pork in this dish.) Eggplant Parmesan and Pork Chops. 1. 4 medium-sized purple eggplant, cut in half lengthwise then into 1/4 inch thick semi-circles. CAJUN EGGPLANT DRESSING. Eggplants are quite yummy when well cooked. Y’Do: Pork: Brine the pork chops in the salt, water, garlic, and fennel seed mixture for up to 24 hours. Combine remaining ingredients And bake in a 325 degree oven for 4 hours. For the Eggplant. 2 pork chops; 1 large eggplant; 5 eggs; 2 cups of flour plus 2 teaspoons; Bread crumbs/cracker crumbs/crix crumbs(if you can get it, that’s what I used.) Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir-Fry is a deliciously easy weeknight meal of tender pork and eggplant soaked in a savory miso sauce. Trim fat from pork and brown on all sides in a dutch oven. Results 1 - 10 of 30 for pork chops eggplant. Skim any fat and serve with your favorite pasta. 1 2 3 Next. Ingredients: 13 (eggplant .. garlic .. oil .. onion .. salt .. sauce ...) 2. ” Set up your station for standard breading procedure. Peel eggplant and cut in 1/2 inch ... salt, and pepper. Salt and Pepper; Oregano; Mozarella cheese; Parmesan cheese; Instructions. (I usually add 4 oz. I love the eggplants when they soak up all the delicious savory flavors, especially with miso and soy sauce-based sauce. “Mealime is a good resource for light, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare. Prep. EGGPLANT SZECHUAN STYLE. Mix carefully and serve. Ingredients. Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir Fry (豚肉とナスの味噌炒め) is one of my go-to recipes when I have eggplants in my kitchen. DIRECTIONS. Chinese eggplants with minced pork and spicy garlic sauce is a humble and popular dish in Chinese kitchen.A small amount of minced pork can greatly improve the taste of eggplants, which can rich the layers of a humble eggplant stir-fry. For vegan readers, you can simply skip minced pork or try this eggplants with garlic sauce. 1 sprig rosemary. Choose firm purple eggplant, remove stalk and without ... green onion. 1. I got home at 5, we ate dinner around 8:30, so I only had them in there for a few hours and they turned out great. Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper .