100% Upvoted. 4 comments. If a spear … It is however much easier to get someone to trigger that opportunity attack with a reach polearm however. Polearm Vs Spears HI, THIS IS MY FIRST POST EVER Im thinking of making a ww pvm only MF barb, i have read a couple of threads that say that polearms are better than spears. Dave Deviluke, Jan 24, 2020 #6. It's difficult to precisely define a spear, since there are spears with unedged conical points, single-edged heads, double-edged heads of various forms, and multi-pointed heads. share. Also I am of the opinion that using Polearm Master bonus attack with the staff (and now spear) held one handed with a shield is ridiculous. Would be better to create a new thread if you wish to discuss more on Polearm vs Spear Not recommended to necro a 5 year old thread as the thread starter may not be active Lost Email or Username Guide for Donor Tag or changing IGN/Forum Name Guide to Alternate Zakum Jump Quest. Among other benefits, it increases Spear throwing ranges by +20/+40. save. hide. This Polearm appears to be a spear, which is a long pole with a sharp tip. From what I remember Polearm had better attack speed, but I heard of a buff for spears to make them superior than polearms, should I continue using a polearm, or start working on a spear? Some writers will use "polearm" to mean "hafted weapon other than spear/pike", but properly speaking, they're all polearms. Spear vs Polearm for Dark Knight. I mean, just look at that thing. A "polearm" is simply a blade on a long pole. More Spear related stuff: The most recent errata to the Polearm Master feat adds the Spear to the list of weapons that benefit from PAM. This thread is archived. Because the sharp part of this weapon is on the end of the pole pointing outwards, usually it would be used in a stabbing motion, not a swinging motion. In my games I'm happy for Polearm Master to apply to all the pole weapons, but only when wielded in two hands. report. Alas, there are basically no surviving glaive treatises. From the first printing of the PHB page 1658: Spear now works with it too. And as someone who has always thought glaives were more elegant than halberds, one to which I wish I had an answer. Polearm Master has always given a Reaction attack with the Quarterstaff. There's also an excellent feat for Spear users in Critical Role's Tal'Dorei setting guide (available as a free pdf) called Thrown Arms Master. That’s a really good question!