… What's a good one? There aren't that many pointless things to be debate, just people. After the debate, I saw an analyst commend Pence’s “performance” as “masterful,” saying something to the effect of “you learn in debate school not to answer the question, but use the time to say what you want.” It seems like Presidential debates, like every other American institution, isn’t at all what it purports to be. Therefore, if someone is thinking these are just pointless debate topics, he/she couldn’t be more wrong. What could you possibly do to help her? (Show it anyway.) The moping is a ruse. Going for 2 consecutive years, I’ve heard such topics and would like to share them. Clearly, she’s a murder...and she’s trying to murder more. I believe that WSC is THE perfect source for such kind of topics. What's a good/pointless debate topic? Well, you have it here; the Pointless Debate Club, which debates on pointless topics such as, “Is water wet?” “Should mac and cheese be eaten with a fork, or a spoon?” Meeting time varies but the club meets twice a month, usually later in the evening at about 7 p.m. 2. 1. (Show it anyway.) … There is no chance of it getting anywhere, they've already made up their minds. Anonymous: Anonymous wrote: Anonymous wrote:why did she drown her sons and then mope about it. We've had ones like green lantern vs superman, is steak n shake a diner or fast food place, and whether or not a blackberry is a smartphone. Does the world need a ‘Batman-like’ hero? That debate wasn’t about enlightening undecided voters (who could be undecided this year … (Show it anyway.) Subject: A Pointless Debate. Your DH is nuts and clearly cannot be trusted to make important decisions. Source(s): 39 good pointless debate topic: https://shortly.im/pdl89. A Yellow Polka Dot bikini would have yellow polka dots, not white polka dots.....[deleted] Abusive comment hidden. Let's not make this thread meta with our own pointless argument ;) Abusive comment hidden. BLACKLISTED: DannyJr • 23Mar17 5:32pm • 1 [deleted] Abusive comment hidden. Subject: A Pointless Debate. Most dedicated partisans, egotistical demagogues, trolls, sociopaths, and selfish blow-hards are impossible to debate with. That's the part that doesn't make sense. Me and my friend like to have stupid debates for fun. Can (your city) survive a zombie apocalypse? However, we've run out of topics. Ahhh so she's moping and wants to be left alone.... but she really wants you to come "help" her. Anonymous: It's a version of la llorona, a staple of my Latin American childhood. 8 years … You leave her alone--she is crazy from grief and will drown you, too. BLACKLISTED: EFarther • 23Mar17 6:03pm • 0 . They also … And then you die. 3. Johnny. 0 0. Scheduled times and locations are sent via their Instagram page (@msupointlessdebateclub), their Engage page and emails. Everyone is right!