I used if for a couple of years before giving it to my son, and building a larger version with a hutch. The idea was to use a single sheet of hardwood plywood, and some basic hardware to build this desk for between $75 and $100. Finally, how long should it be. It’ll be the right size, color, even style. This is another easy to make DIY plywood desk and you might like this one better because it has drawers. Making your own furniture is great but when you have a low budget you need to get creative. DIY Industrial Computer Desk Plans And Tutorial, How To Make A Simple Desk Using Only One Sheet Of Plywood. The desks are made with just 1/4 sheet of 1/2″ plywood and a single 2×4. DIY Industrial Computer Desk Plans And Tutorial Reply These supports will attach the legs to the top. Most big box lumber places will have this banding near the plywood (make sure it's the same type of wood, or looks like your plywood). Through this blog, I inspire and teach non-designers simple and affordable ways to create a home they love spending time in and are proud to share with others. on Introduction, not only does it add stability but if you make it right, its also great for clean wire management, Reply Ask Question. I laid my desk out on a sheet of graph paper using a 4 squares per inch rule. This design will give a huge … They will do one or two for free, and then there is a fee per cut after that ($1?). The last step is to sand and finish the desk, just like any other wood project. Planning for this desk is pretty simple. I am so glad you are here! It took about a pint (~500 ml) to get a single coat.It's OK, but I built another desk later that I stained first, and then sealed with polyurethane, and I like that finish better. So the height of the legs is measured off of the side of the plywood, and then split in half to form two legs. Here is a plywood desk that couldn’t get any easier so if you are a beginner this is the project for you. Here is another project using one sheet of plywood and it has a timeless simple layout that can be customized using your favorite paint or stain! If yes, this desk is just the thing you might need: simple and also practical thanks to the built-in cabinet. In my case I used 2 8 foot 2x4s and about 3 foot of 2x2, but you can substitute other dimensions of lumber, or even use hardware for joining the corners. The wood left over from this cut is used to provide a backing panel for the desk to strengthen the design. It could probably be built for less if you changed some of the materials. Give your rustic office a facelift with this gorgeous farmhouse desk that includes free building plans. Your child’s room might be in need of a desk in which case this DIY comes with the perfect space and piggybank-saving design. The top was made with plywood and resin and it’s totally doable! I had the "Big Orange Box" store do all of the cuts on the plywood for me. I’ll share a little tour of it on Instagram soon. It can be used as a table, office desk, vanity, and more. Take your favorite hobby on the go with this combination storage chest and portable workbench. I used 3/4" white hardwood (possibly Maple or Poplar) from "the Big Orange Box", but there are other species available. I show you how to make two versions: a Basic model held together with glue and screws and a special Joinery version that makes use of half-laps and notches for a slicker aesthetic. It's both stain and polyurethane in one step. I love the look of this beautiful farmhouse desk and it has some practical storage space which is perfect! It can be difficult to create a shared space that looks pulled together but I think this Ikea hack double desk is the perfect solution for a siblings’ room. You have to admit this desk has a mesmerizing design and the best part: it comes with easy-to-follow plans. I hope it helps someone design and build an economical desk. You could screw through from the other side, but you'll have to be careful not to punch through the plywood. Parson Tower Desk Plan. on Step 6. (I think I paid about $30 for a roll, again at the Big Orange Box place). Is a back plate necessary for a desk for stability? The glossy finish gives this desk a very sleek look, right? Overall I've been very happy with this design. Slant-top, executive, computer desks, and more. I used wood screws, but didn't glue this one. How to Choose Paint Colors You’ll Love – The Easy Way. Plans available from Ana White . The graded plywood has a nicer look and is a bit more expensive but it might be worth it for the final look. I hope one of these tutorials works out for you! Incorporating storage into your desk can be easily done using cabinet built-ins and plywood is a convenient, cheap option for the desktop. Plastic laminate gives it style. on Step 1. Even better: Since the top uses off-the-shelf pre-cut plywood panels, the desk comes together more quickly than you might expect. Standard desktop height seems to be around 28", but I decided to build mine at the same height as a keyboard drawer for ergonomic reasons (~25"). Waterfall desks can really make an impact and I don’t think you can make a nicer one for less. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. How to Build a Platform Bed with Legs for $50! I first attached the backing plate to the corner supports, then attached a full length 2x4 turned on edge to support the desktop. Plywood is versatile, cheap, and easy to find so it makes sense to use it at least for the desktop if not for other parts. When building your plywood desk you might want to consider what type of plywood you will choose. . Making a large craft desk on a budget can be a difficult task but not if you follow this tutorial. 30 Easy DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Projects with Free Plans, How to Build a West Elm Inspired DIY Wood Headboard, 10 Easy DIY Geometric Wood Wall Art Projects. on Step 6. ($10 -$40 depending upon finish choice).