Southern Yellow Pine Wood Uses Southern yellow pine wood is one of the principal sources of softwood products in the United States. At that time many kitchen cabinets were also pine with a honey finish. Now your inner crafter keeps chiding you about wasting the wood. The pine tree has alwaysbeen my favorite I actually used pine sap and charcoal to haft an arrow head and a flint knife today I live in south jersey plenty of pine here and I live on pine street I make atlattles and arrows from scratch all time I use gorilla glue most of the time but I must say the pine and charcoal mix glue pine pitch is the best I’ve used so I’m sticking to it litteraly What Can You Make With Pine Wood From a Pine Tree That You Cut Down?. Pine pollen is a good source of nutrition, including protein, folic acid, several B vitamins, and vitamins C and E. It even contains some vitamin D, which is not common in plants. The knotty look or Eastern White Pine makes it perfect for pine paneling, siding, sheds, gazebos, fences, and other outdoor home uses. One of its more interesting properties is that it contains a chemical very similar to testosterone. Knotty pine wood planks were popular in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s for kitchen and living room paneling. You finally cut down that old, drought-blighted pine tree. Not only is it strong, stiff, and dense, but it also has the ability to hold nails and other fasteners particularly well, which makes it a great choice for … During the next three decades pine paneling lost its appeal in traditional homes, but not in log cabins and log houses.. Today, natural knotty pine has made a roaring comeback, and demand for this beautiful wood is high. For outdoor uses most home owners are looking for an easily workable wood that has the traditional New England outdoor look, at a good price, hence the use of pine. Pine pollen also contains several minerals and trace elements.