After a little bit of practice they love to demonstrate that they can recognise which one is which. Although this seems a lot of information for the first piano lesson, children really seem to enjoy the challenge of remembering the correct order of the animals. Learn to play piano the easy way with step-by-step, simple instructions from pianist and educator Joseph Hoffman. Free piano lessons for kids, come with Flash animation demos. So, if you’d like to invest seriously in your kid’s development, or even your own learning, consider the following premium possibilities for kids to learn piano online: Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. If you want to teach your child to play the piano, there are several ways of doing it - you can find a piano teacher for them, look up how to play piano online or allow the child to lesson to play piano by ear.This is a healthy skill, as it helps the brain to develop. These lessons are especially geared towards children and parents, and also piano teachers who teach children — but they work for all beginning piano students! The Best Online Piano Lessons For Kids. A lot of the good books for kids have fun and engaging pictures in them to keep them entertained. Free lessons are great but they might only go so far. When looking for piano books for a 4 or 5-year-old try to look at it as if you’re the child. And yet most piano courses are designed with older students in mind. That’s why we created Pianokids, to cater especially to the needs and learning style of generally the 3 to 6 year-old age group. Yes, I get it, it shouldn’t need pictures, however, the goal here is to really lock your kid into lessons at an early age and have them enjoy it. The first piano lessons series gets them started, and the eBook although it does include a lot of the same activities, includes much more in-depth teaching support and resources. Online Piano Kids | Piano Lessons for 3-Year-Olds to 6-Year-Olds. How often have we seen small kids delightedly plunking away on a keyboard with their little fingers? Play this game at the start of every lesson. Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids. PIANO LESSONS CHILDREN'S SONGS COMPOSER LESSONS: Free online piano lessons with videos — beginner / elementary level.