Can I use Braggs for the apple cider vinegar? Has a hint of fruity undertones masked by the typical bhut flavor. You could swap in some honey if the refined sugar is the issue. I have one more question. You can find out more here. I thought I was done with peaches too but I’m going to get some more for this and to try your peach chutney. So I took it off the stove just for a couple minutes and then heated it back up again to finish… Sounds like this made my peach pulp separate. It’s not un-spicy. Maybe I’ll try this next year. Would the water bath still be the same? Yes!! Adds zip to the springtime freshness of Ontario strawberries.... Rootham has longstanding relationships with local growers who deliver fruits and vegetable to us at their peak flavor and freshness. Guaranteed not to scare off even the most... Cranberry and apples  - with just a splash of Chardonnay – add up to a tart and sweet treat! However, I do believe that there’s something uniquely appealing about sauces that allow for the careful, targeted application of gentle heat. Is there an alternative to an immersion blender? I happened to grow orange spice jalapenos instead of the habanero, but it worked out amazingly. I notice you said you “canned” the sauce in the sauce bottles pictured. Your email address will not be published. Oh, and in case you missed my post yesterday, this hot sauce was made with peaches from the folks at the Washington State Fruit Commission. I use the dried powder more than the sauce! Can I switch out the hot peppers? Required fields are marked *. Funnel into 12 ounce jars of your choosing, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Really??? I have some Habanero on the counter and had no idea what to do with them! I have a lot of peaches and habenero’s to use right now, can this be doubled? It is shaped different than a bell pepper. It’s entirely safe, it just doesn’t look as pretty. This is definitely thicker than Tabasco. … No different from a bell pepper. I’m no expert but when I’ve had them, they tasted like bell peppers. But try it on crepes, yogurt or vanilla ice cream. I love this recipe and the local peaches have been extraordinary this summer. I made a very similar sauce not long ago that also had bourbon in it. Set over high heat and bring to a boil. I’d love to get some and do a bath for Christmas gifts. (Fingers crossed for no late spring frost). I have noticed in your recipes using lemon juice you call for bottled juice. I have searched and searched for a strawberry habanero wing sauce and have had no luck! White peaches don’t have enough acid to be used in this preserve. I just made this and when I took the jars out of the water bath, I noticed some separation. That’s all to say that this may well be the most tame peach habanero hot sauce you’ll ever encounter. Good on rice, noodles or... Savour Niagara peach flavor off the top and the mild ghost pepper that sneaks up on you. Thanks in advance! How long do I have if I don’t process the leftovers? The result was terrific. You could just as easily use a bell pepper. You need a taller pot. Use a large jar (in which you will ferment the ingredients) to add the shallots and garlic. It’s more the consistency of sriracha. If you’re someone who likes to be challenged by your condiments, this probably isn’t the recipe for you. Can you use white peaches? This is just what I happened to have. . Strawberries tend to be less dense than peaches, so you’ll probably need to cook the sauce longer to get to a good consistency, so the yield will probably be less. It’s definitely going to be spicy, just not uncomfortably so. Any unsealed jars/bottles should be refrigerated and used promptly. Nectarine recipes are still to come. Soup. So I’d like to make this really hot. Would kosher salt be ok instead of sea salt ? Also added just a drop of orange food coloring so it had a nice color. Is bottled better than fresh some how? No. Found this recipe last week , and I have a few habarenos hanging around so I made some peach sauce. Probably not. I’ll keep these for family and make another batch for gifts. Yum, I want to make this. I made the sauce today and can’t wait to try it when it mellows. I am new to canning so I am worried I did something wrong. Email us or find us on Instagram by clicking on the button below. Or have you tried? My wife will not go near it. Make sure to use peaches at the pinnacle of ripeness for maximum deliciousness. Do you know about how many cups of chopped peaches would be equivalent to the 3#? Once the peaches were totally tender and the onions were translucent, I used an immersion blender to puree the sauce smooth. I know it will up the heat a little since it won’t be there to balance. Thank you!!! I made this hot sauce today. For more information, go to: If you’ve never tried caramelized onions, you’re in for a surprise! Powered by Shopify, Teriyaki Ginger Marinade and Dipping Sauce, Chutney Cracked Pepper Lime Peach Chutney, Raspberry Champagne Mustard Salad Dressing. Can this be done in an 8 oz jelly jar? Can you can in these types of bottles to make a product shelf stable? It’s not painfully hot, like some habanero sauces you find. Quick & easy! At first I thought I didn’t tighten jars enough and water leaked in but they’re all sealing and the seals are finger tight. I cheated though. I also took the mash after running it through the food mill and dried it out and ground it up. I am not someone who goes for crazy hot foods. I did add a little more habarenos to my last two batches. Would that work? I would be uneasy about using mango in this recipe because they contain less acid than peaches do. I am in the process of canning this recipe right now and it is SO GOOD! If so, what is the recommended shelf life? Easy Peach Hot Sauce Recipe: Combine all the ingredients together in a high powered blender or food processor and process until the sauce is... Once smooth, place the mixture in a pot on the stove over medium heat. I made this Gingery Peach Butter with the other half of the peaches. Combine the peaches, vinegar, sugar, onion, peppers, garlic, lemon juice, and salt in a low, wide, non-reactive pan. That natural goodness goes into every jar of Rootham Gourmet Preserves. Hot stuff! Add the sliced ghost and sweet chilies. I think my peaches weren’t quite ripe enough and also had trouble peeling them so the sweetness wasn’t as forthcoming as it probably would’ve been if they had been more ripe. It will mellow over time, if you have the patience to let it sit. We would love to hear from you. You need to use the higher acid yellow peaches. I’d like to hear from folks how they would use this sauce. From what I see, prickly pear is much lower in acid than peaches, so it’s not a safe swap. Peaches cost a fortune here in the Philippines as it is not a local produce. Or a professional canner with the works? You can find more about these bottles here:, […] grilling season in full swing, check out this delicious and versatile sounding recipe:  This is a recipe that Marisa shared on line in 2016, and I love her small batch canning recipes! Probably good for a year or two unless I give it away. Use as a finishing sauce to enhance umami in chicken or beef stir-fries. Could I substitute nectarines for peaches? It’s just a mellow heat rather than a totally searing one (some of the recipes I read called for as many at 18-20 habaneros for a similarly sized batch). Do you measure the 3 pounds of peaches before pitting and peeling.