We are a Franciscan Body of Christ embracing all people through liturgy and service. Parish nursing services are designed to involve individuals, families and congregations as active partners in their personal health. Parish Nursing. 25225 Code Rd., Southfield, Michigan 48033 248-356-8787 LEARN MORE. LEARN MORE. Hospitalization. One resource for parish nurses is the International Parish Nurse Resource Center run by Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministries, LLC. Our Parish Nurses are in your parish or agency, on a walk-in basis providing healthcare services. Parish nursing is the intentional integration of the practice of nursing with the beliefs of a religious community. A parish nurse is a registered nurse (RN) specialist who encourages physical and spiritual health and wholeness by developing and leading programs within faith communities. Pastoral Care Division. Currently, there are dozens of churches in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia that are serviced by the Ballad Health parish nurse program. Through spiritual support, our chaplains engender love and tend to the needs of those experiencing illness. Through this involvement, nurses help empower communities and foster an environment of understanding and support. Parish nurses, also known as church nurses, combine their nursing skills and religious faith to care for fellow members of their religious community. Learn more For more information on parish nursing, please contact Lula Gray at (423) 431-3270 or [email protected] .