// A video on the basic concept of using parallel compression on drums in a mix.4 Parallel Processing Techniques for Drums in a Mix: compression is by no stretch a new thing. 2020-11-18 04:59 AM EST. A Quick Explainer on Parallel Compression . Parallel compression refers to the technique of duplicating a signal, compressing the copied signal, and then blending it back in with the uncompressed signal. Part 1: How to set parallel drum compression Part 2: How to compress hi-hats Part 3: EQing parallel drums Part 4: Bass and synth bass mixing. Heavy compression has a particularly satisfying effect on drums. How to use Parallel Compression on Drums Make me Dance. Parallel Compression: Compressed drums are mixed alongside uncompressed drums. Parallel compression of drums individually, or even percussion groups, can give certain signals the punch they need, while maintaining a reasonable level in a track. Common Mid Side EQ , compression, and recording Techniques To take your mixes to the next level. Related Products. Andrew Scheps Parallel Compression Technique On The Master Bus! Although drums aren’t intrinsically melodic instruments, they do exert a pitch, and it's important to make sure that they are in tune. Second, we've re-assigned all of the outputs of our drum tracks from output 1-2 to unused bus outputs (select all the tracks and use OPTION-SHIFT to assign all at once). This picture is a little harder to digest at first look. Which is the problem with plugin parallel compression: you really must record the pass, then line it … Pingback: 4 Reasons For Mixing At Lower Volumes - The Recording Solution, Pingback: Mixing Bass Guitar To Poke Out In The Mix - The Recording Solution, Your email address will not be published. $129.99. Parallel compression is easier to deal with in the analog world, because you don't have to make sure your tracks are perfectly lined up every single time you make a pass. SSL 4000 Collection . Erfahre im Video, wie Du mit diesem Kniff, der auch »New York Compression« genannt wird, dein Schlagzeug durchsetzungsfähiger und fetter klingen lassen kannst ... und dabei bleiben die Anschlaggeräusche von Kick Drum, Snare & Co. intakt. Lo Fi Hip Hop and more! Blend it up. Parallel drum compression The drums go direct to the output, but a duplicate signal is compressed. Ignore the bottom Aux->Compressor part for a second. And you get some of the character of the compressor as well! But if you completely crush your transients, the drums won’t have enough punch for the individual hits to pop out of a dense mix. Your email address will not be published. SSL G-Master Buss Compressor . We've called ours "Drums Dry" because this AUX will control the dry uncompressed drum portion of the parallel compression setup. I love powerful drums that just hit you in your chest. Popular Products; Horizon; Gold; … Best Audio Interface Under 500 Dollars – Complete Guide. What is Lo Fi Music? How to Use Parallel Compression on Drums in a Mix - YouTube But in case it's a new term: the idea is your parallel track goes face first into a compressor and gets shmooshed to gravy, and then blended up into the uncompressed track.Primarily, this enhances the sustain of the drums without really altering the attack - a technique which is tried and true for both close mics like snare and kick, and also for the whole of the kit.The added bonus is that if you time the release right, you can create a little push-pull motion for the drums and enhance the sense of groove while you're at it. Step 1: Fine tuning. The idea is simple: blend a heavily compressed version of your drum mix with the uncompressed original, as shown in the diagram below. $39.99 . Parallel compression is a tried and tested mixing trick for achieving loud, punchy drums. Then, finalize your drum mix with parallel compression, and add depth and dimension with reverb. So veredelst Du deine Drums - Parallele Kompression ist das Zauberwort in der zweiten Folge von delamar Mixdoc. This is a key element of parellel compression and we’ll be talking about it more. Categories: Video Tutorials. These all work well, but you can make your drums sound bigger than ever by combining these simple techniques in a compression style I call Two–Stage Parallel Compression. Let’s dive into it. Tags: Compressors, Drums, Tony Maserati. For me, I like drums that make me move. The benefits of parallel compression are manyfold, though there are a few pitfalls. Required fields are marked *. Notice the drum signal is going direct to the output. That’s why parallel compression is often used on drums and percussion. Parallel compression, sometimes referred to as New York Compression… Some compressors also have a ‘mix’ knob where you can blend the compressed and uncompressed signals. Setting up the Smack Down. 4 Reasons For Mixing At Lower Volumes - The Recording Solution, Mixing Bass Guitar To Poke Out In The Mix - The Recording Solution. In this case, bus 1-2. The Torque plugin is specifically designed to alter the root note of a drum sound.