Original Review Here. The One Chip Challenge started as a viral sensation a few years ago before resurfacing in 2019 with a chip hotter than ever before. We’re Paqui (pronounced pah-kee) and we use real peppers to bring you real heat. It features a blue corn tortilla chip with the Reaper pepper, and just to add that little extra oomph, scorpion chile pepper, and chipotle pepper powder. Paqui Tortilla Chips – The One Chip Challenge – Carolina Reaper Madness. Image: Paqui Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips are tortilla chips featuring "a bold combination of ghost peppers, cayenne and chipotle" and are the spiciest chip in the regular Paqui line-up. 43K likes. The tortilla chips are fairly crispy and like a slightly less bubbly Doritos chip … A 2-oz bag cost me $1.79. We’re not sure how many of you out there also tried Paqui’s One Chip Challenge; but if you did, then you are well aware that the Carolina Reaper Madness flavored chip is far and away the spiciest chip … Paqui Chips, Austin, Texas.