Examples: Papaya souffl é glacé, papaya lime dressing, papaya crepes with Tahitian vanilla, papaya sweet onion salsa, mahi mahi with spicy papaya salsa. Please note for hydration of the skin, use the pulp of ripe papaya instead of the peel of unripe papaya. 6. 3. Mash the papaya pulp to make a lump-free puree. As you are buying a truly natural product, Pure Ointment may harden in cold temperatures. If so warm tube in hands before opening. Papaya This bright orange, full-bodied fruit is Wash your face and pat it dry. Common in tropical fl avored drinks, smoothies and sauces. How to use PURE Papaya Ointment – apply topically as required and remember that a little but goes a long way. The pulp of ripe papaya fruit providing hydration and nutrition to the skin owing to its water, carbohydrate, and fat content. Add lemon juice and honey to the mix and blend well. 2. Pureed papaya added to a marinade will give a tropical flavor. Papaya milkshake can be made using the puree or puree can be topped on desserts or custards or fruit dish can be used as a sauce for ice cream, a topping for pancakes, or stirred into yoghurt. Keep out of direct sunlight as product becomes softer at … Classic and Contemporary Uses Desserts and salad dressings. Papaya for healing cuts and burns. ... Use papaya plant in the following ways to cure dengue: Have papaya salad, or have a glass of fresh papaya juice with a dash of lemon juice twice or thrice a day.