The main objective of the work is to improve gain, return loss and radiation. The substrate material of the antenna is Flame Retardant (FR-4), dielectric constant 4.4 and thickness 1.6mm. Using soil moisture sensor and water level indicator in which a threshold value is thrown into and the irrigation area is monitored continuously. Experimental results are proved to show no sign of attacks, which portrays its efficiency. The applicability of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in various fields such as medical research and civilian applications is proliferating enormously. The server side programming includes capturing an image by the raspberry pi camera.LSB image steganography is acted on the picture and passed to the server through a webpage. ), Copyright © 2020 Panimalar Engineering College. Internet of things (IoT) has become a major technology in this modern life. Many models exist, which have been successfully implemented in content based image retrieval systems. Name of the College. The simulation results has shown reduction in power and delay thereby improving the throughput. Thus, it’s necessary to put cryptographically increased access management on the shared knowledge. This survey paper mainly focuses on various data mining techniques used and challenges that arise while using it. The main aim of the proposed project is to dampen water efficiently in a cognitive approach for the agriculture land using IoT and also measures the Irrigation Efficiency (IE). P The MS is placed directly atop the patch antenna, making the FRMS antenna very compact and low profile with a thickness of only 3.048 mm. These gases have to be monitored such that increase in normal level of them could be known and proper precaution measures can be undertaken. The secondary measure implemented was using a bright Light and distress alarm buzzer present on the wearable device which when activated by the parents via SMS text should display the light signal brightly and sound an alarm which a bystander can easily spot as a sign of distress. Rectangular Micro strip patch antenna with Defective Ground Structures (DGS) is proposed in this paper. Effective test case sequencing or prioritizing the test cases based on criticality and risks is a key task of a tester. The objective of this design is to use the odour as the main authentication system tool. 1213 – s.k.r. The various techniques in data mining process after analyzing the raw data, new information can be obtained. To address these shortcomings we present a new ECG wearable that is similar to the clinical approach for heart monitoring. Thus, the proposed composite data algorithm operates in two phases: removal of outliers and computation of an estimated true value from the remaining sensor data. The pleural level can be detected manually which is time consuming. People rely on Smartphone and applications for any gathering of information on any details such as locations, routes, alerts, and so on. This prioritization technique organizes the test cases in sequential order in either ascending or descending order. Designed by, B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering, B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering, B.E Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, B.E Computer and Communication Engineering, B.Tech Computer Science and Business Systems, B.Tech Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, VELAMMAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLO GY,CHENNAI, CADD Technologie s, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIAN SOCIETY OF NEW ERA ENGINEER SGREATER NOIDA,UTT RAPRADES H. To serve the society by developing competent engineers with outstanding leadership qualities and ethical values. Robots are becoming an important fixture in our day-to-day life and also becoming a revolutionary based on innovative technologies. The college is recognized with the department named Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) which offers both Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses.