View All » Inspirational Interviews. Having said that, it’s no easy feat. View All » Motivation Articles. I had that EXACT same problem. It's never too late to build your ultimate physique. I was reasonably active, went to the gym on a regular basis and even trained for a half marathon. The next transformations happened in my 40s and there's another one underway right now. Female Fitness Models - Nancy Reinhardt . We have been in the industry for over 20 years, owning multiple fitness facilities. But as you can see from the top 5 female fitness models over 40 in our list – you really can sculpt an incredible figure, regardless of your age. Over 40 body transformation: Kim turns fitness model champ May 12, 2020 March 3, 2020 by admin. However, by 25, she had had a child and had … The Fitness Transformation Process Never Ends. Once you get … Melissa has a background in fitness, dance, gymnastics and holds a Graduate Diploma in Counselling. She pursued a career in fitness when she became an aerobics trainer and started managing health clubs. Learn how to train your mind & see the results on your physique! Discuss here. That’s why I teamed up with fitness expert, founder and CEO of the and/life mobile app , Andrea Marcellus, to come up with six tips to help you get (and stay) fit after 40. I fully intend to enter my 50s with a leaner, more muscular physique than I have right now. Are you struggling to get in shape now that you’re over 40? Check out these muscle building and fat loss body transformations! George is a former elite athlete for sprinting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and an author of many books with extensive knowledge in health, training and nutrition. Anissa drastically reduced body fat and gained lean muscle with Hitch Fit. This is critical to understand for two reasons: The journey doesn't end when you reach your goal weight. These women don’t just hit the gym a few times a week and see these incredible results. Nancy Reinhardt developed a passion for fitness right from high school. 1. View All » Awesome Physiques. Interviews with some of the best bodys on the planet! And as you grow older your body is more inclined to the natural spread that comes with age. Over 40? Must See Fit over 40 Female Body Transformation. My first Fit Over 40 Transformation . If you’re anything like me, getting and staying fit over 40 is not only important for your physical health but also your overall mental wellbeing. When it comes to fitness, age is just a number and here below is a list of Top 10 female fitness models over 40 in 2018.