For a more defined look, take small sections of the hair and twist them to create a coil. Many of my curly haired clients ask me what the difference is between the Deva Cut and the Ouidad Haircut. } background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF; border-top: medium none; Use jessicurl hair cleansing cream, devacurl one c, angel, set it free, Always see a deva trained stylist for cut and Aveda Institute for color. As for styling curly hair, once product is applied and gently shaken, it’s crucial the curls aren’t touched when drying, otherwise they’ll lose their formation and can frizz. This product is suitable for anyone with hair that can be categorized as curly whether it is the loose type or the denser ones. Ouidad. What you may want to keep in mind is DevaCurl is a little bit heavier and feels somehow greasy on hand but not to hair in which Ouidad doesn’t produce any uncomfortable feeling when applied. - Thicker cream } DevaCurl and Ouidad are similar in that they are both based on the visual aspects of how individual curls lay when worn curly, so layers tend to vary in lengths and are uneven. Some say shampoos with sulfates are beneficial and others say never to use them. Since there are so many people struggling with the same issues, we can see that manufacturers are offering a vast options for us to choose which can be good or not depend on which side you are on. DevaCurl. She blotted my hair with a towel to remove excess water and applied a generous amount of Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker for curl definition. } The first ingredient of this DevaCurl Supercream is water and then followed with coconut oil, glycerin, jojoba oil, and many other natural ingredients like wheat protein and rosemary extract. The Ouidad “shake and rake” technique separates curl with your fingers and is then shaken to create a cascading curl pattern and allowed to dry naturally. - Slightly more affordable. text-align: center; Ouidad vs. Deva Curl: A Curly Girl Throwdown. The Ouidad method enables hair to puzzle into each other and prevents it from expanding. During the cutting process, hair is taken in sections and then shaken to reveal its natural wave or curvature pattern. Just like many other similar products, this Curl Quencher from Ouidad is also made prominently with water and the one we love here is the hydrolyzed silk or silk protein. - Slightly more expensive table#t50 thead tr th#t50.end { Now, let’s compare DevaCurl with Ouidad Products. In contrast, DevaCurl emphasizes a different philosophy, which says curly hair should only be cut dry, thus allowing the stylist to utilize their intuitive and visual eye. There are still some frizz but the hair feels fluffier. Comparison February 3, 2015 18 Comments. Hold the end of the coiled hair and loosely shake the section. We do love seeing so many natural sources here but of course there are some material used to hold or give certain consistency to a product but we doesn’t really mind them. Scott believes you should have the option to wear your hair blown out smooth as long as it’s worn curly at least 90 percent of the time in order to protect the integrity of the curl. font-size: 1.5em; Your email address will not be published. border-style: outset; As you may already know, the difference between them are on the ingredients and scent because the consistency are both very similar and produce the same result as well. Here, we can get the benefit from the jojoba protein as well as wheat protein in DevaCurl which are working as a nourishment to hair. text-transform: none; Coconut oil is popular for its ability as an emollient and the reason it is here is to moisture the hair with its fatty acids. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); It reduce frizz and lock or defined the curl nicely as well. } } The Risk Cut, is a precision curly hair cutting method developed by curly hair specialist, Scott Risk. _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); But, the Ouidad cuts are almost double what I'm now paying, not to mention the cost of coloring & products. font-size: 1.0em; Once the hair is dry using a diffuser, gently pull out some or the tight curl to reveal beautiful defined curls. – What DevaCurl and Ouidad Products can offer to you table#t50 tfoot tr { padding: 4px; Curly hair cutting specialist, Scott Risk in Frisco, Texas a suburb north of Dallas, also emphasizes that hydration is a must. It is encouraging the natural weight of hair to restore its initial weight and support an optimal formation to create a more uniform curl pattern. DevaCurlOuidad Products For gorgeous curls and defined curls, the styling begins the moment you step out of the shower and squeezing out any excess water. }table#t50 tbody tr td#n2 { As you may know, hair is made of protein called keratin and using products that is made or enriched with silk protein will replenish them especially when you have a damaged, coarse or dry hair to make sure they become softer and more pleasant to touch. Its consistency is very thick but not heavy and doesn’t move when we flip the hand while the scent itself is prominently smells like coconut. With so many variations of wavy and curly hair textures, one method may work better for one individual than another. All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair type and judgment about these products. I’ve had Ouidad haircuts and Deva Curl haircuts. Scott emphasizes that cutting curly hair dry is less thorough and allows sections of the hair to be missed. Read also: DevaCurl vs Cantu here. This method is designed to eliminate the undesired triangle shape that is a typical result when curly hair is cut as is for straight hair. }); Your email address will not be published. Whereas the dry cut method, typically results in uneven and disconnected style when straightened or blown out. About Ouidad Products border-top: medium none;border-bottom: 1px solid #EEEEEE; Passaggi per lo styling di Ouidad: Inizia con i capelli bagnati (senza asciugare l'asciugamano! Still cheaper than the Brazilian Blowouts I used to get, but I'm still concerned about the cost. The fragrance is very fresh but more into sweet, flowery which should be pleasant for those who are not allergic to scented products. Just like the name, they are focusing on offering products specifically made for people with curly hair to make sure they can style them as they want and lessen the struggle on managing or keeping them healthier as well as improving the look. For those who are experiencing frizz or finding it hard to manage their hair, styling products from DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products can be a nice options to choose because of their good performance. Scott begins his curly haircuts wet to ensure each section of the cut is properly attended to. In contrast, DevaCurl emphasizes a different philosophy, which says curly hair should only be cut dry, thus allowing the stylist to utilize their intuitive and visual eye. – DevaCurl vs Ouidad Products. The Ouidad “shake and rake” technique separates curl with your fingers and is then shaken to create a cascading curl pattern and allowed to dry naturally. Conditioner should be applied two inches away from the scalp daily and weekly deep conditioning treatments are essential. Hair Styling Products Ouidad emphasizes that only water-soluble styling products should be used on curly hair, starting with leave-in conditioner and followed with curl enhancing product specific to your particular curl type. var hs = document.createElement('script'); hs.type = 'text/javascript'; hs.async = true; Conclusion Ouidad Products are diverse but if you need the one with a capability to both style and treat, their Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream is a nice option. Hair type, thin, 3b, past my shoulders always looking for length. Curly hair should be cut to look great when styled curly or straight, which is another reason he cuts the majority of the cut wet. _Hasync.push(['Histats.start', '1,4317169,4,0,0,0,00010000']); } table#t50 tfoot tr td { padding: 5px; Both methods agree that weekly deep conditioning treatments are essential to maintain hydration for curly hair, as well as applying leave-in conditioner. color: #333333; It has a white plastic bottle and pump to dispense the cream. If the Ouidad Carve & Slice cut is worth it, then I will take the plunge.